Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What My Spring Break is Shaping Up to Be

I take my last and of course most hard final tomorrow morning, and then I will walk out of the classroom into my freedom of Spring Break!... oh wait, crap, first I will go to work for 4 hours, and then.... SPRING BREAK! What shall I do with my time? But what will I wearrrr?? - (10 points to whomever can tell me where that quote is from) I think this is what I have in the line up so far, take a gander and feel free to schedule yourself in for some coffee dates, or runs or whatever because I am a free woman.. until April 2nd when school starts again haha...

- Line Dancing with my friends this Thursday to celebrate the start of my Spring Break!
- No Homework, No Guilt, more time for reading at my leisure
- Watch movies curled up on the couch because I am not predicting the sun to come out and play anytime soon
- Loooooooong Runs, time to get back into it. Anyone wanna be a running buddy?
- Bonus Check from work comes this Friday.
- Redmond!! Relaxation, Rest, Reading, Running, wRiting, Shopping, Movie Watching, Family Time, and I get to see Mark in Bend!
- Time to clear my head, and prepare for Spring Term
- Working a little here and there, but it's good to be making money
- I get to see Jessica this Friday, she is coming into Nike!

This is the line up so far, but it is most certainly up for additions at any time. Happy Wednesday!

Love and One More Gross Final


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