Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

- Didn't prepare as well as I should have for a midterm on Wednesday.
- Stuck on the Max for 2 hours on Tuesday night, because there was a train ahead of us with bad brakes. Oh goshhh, I quickly learned about people's hygiene choices that night. It was rush hour btw. Love public transportation.
- Midterms.
- Missing my girl friends. Everyone is so busy. I miss just running meaningless errands with them. I miss my roommates. I am an independent person naturally, I always run errands on my own, but this week I had a good case of "the lonelies."

- House sitting starting today. Nice to have a place to myself, and a dog to take on runs.
- I am going to a bbq tonight at my best friend's house who I NEVER get to see. Joy will flow through my veins.
- Church this morning was such a delight, not that it isn't every week. But it was so good to be among God's people surrounded in His love and worshiping his name.

- To be a better light at the place I work. To be more joyful and to make a difference with not only the customers but with my fellow employees.
- I want to be a joy to the people I sit by on the max, to the barista who makes my coffee, to the people in my classroom at PSU.
- I want to be a woman who speaks with wisdom and grace. A woman who is kind despite how others treat me. I want to inspire others around me, and make them wonder why I am different than the rest.
- God is good, yesterday, today and forever.

Love and May You Feel Loved Today


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Concrete Jungle

I have been thinking about New York some lately. It has always been on my "To Do" list, but the idea of NY just seems so exciting, so here is how my brain worked through New York...

What I would wear in New York:

If it were Summer:

If it were Winter:

If I were meeting someone for lunch:

Out of the Airport:

If I were Shopping... I mean WHEN I shop...

If I had a Meeting:

What I would see in New York:
A Mets Game:

A Broadway Show:

Miss Lady Liberty Herself:

Central Park:

Live with Kelly:

Naked Cowboy... sorry mom

How I would get around New York:

Who I would see in New York:
My GG 

Carrie Bradshaw

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey

There is so much about New York that I do not know. But I want to go and write about it. I want to be inspired by a beautiful city and the thriving commerce. I want to go for a run in Central Park, and be overwhelmed in Times Square. I want to buy an "I <3 NY" t-shirt, while I eat a piece of pizza. I essentially want to be Carrie Bradshaw, minus the sex and the city part, focusing on the fashion and the writing aspect. I want to see Wicked  or The Lion King on Broadway... or any show for that matter. Someday. 

Love and Skyscrapers


Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am trying so hard to focus on my homework. I have so many things working against me though...
- SUNSHINE, and it's my day off... you do the math! I don't want to be here studying
-So many people out walking around, enjoying the sun
-Babies everywhere, that is never fair. I can't help but smile at them
- Sometimes when I have so much on my plate, it's easier to space out, than crack down and get going.
- One of my friends is going to the beach... I wanna go to the beach.
- Girls in bathing suits just walked by the window... that's weird.
- I wish I had a dog to take for a run right now
- I wish someone was sitting across from me to make me feel less pitiful.
- I have a cute outfit on.. its being wasted by sitting and doing homework
- I'm hungry.

K I'm done whining. Thanks for listening, I had to vent for a second.

Love and ughhhh trying to be a responsible student


Happy's and Crappy's

- Still was getting over a little sickness, that had me pretty wiped out til the end of the week.
- I felt super belittled in front of a customer at work, when one of my managers decided it was a good idea to get cranky with me. Pet Peeve: People telling me I'm stupid, when I know I am not.
- Ran sooooo fast to hop on the max on Wednesday only to have the doors shut right in my face as everyone stared from inside. Survival of the fittest I guess. I lost.
- Air conditioning was broken at work today... of ALL days. It had to be on the hottest day we have had this year. Everyone was sweating, complaining, and light headed. Bad combination let me assure you.

- Working in the toddler room this morning. I have a feeling these little babes will always be a highlight of my week. The way they need you is just so refreshing and comforting.
- Had a great week of running/ working out. I really made it a priority this week, and I hope to keep that up
- Had coffee with my friend Lindsey, I just love spending time with her. Good to laugh with old friends
- Feeling inspired to take on whatever is ahead. A real job, Graduate school.
- Looking forward to maybe a little vacation to L.A to visit my friend Maki.
- My hard work is already paying off in my grades with school. I feel like I'm drowning sometimes, but really I am staying afloat.
- Went to "Lucky One" on Friday night with my cousin Christian, let down of a movie, but fun to be with her
- Had a slight shopping spree... don't judge me please, I just wanted to get a few fun things... so I did.
-The smell of flowers and bbq's outside. Glorious.
-The sound of metal bats hitting baseballs at my high school.
- and of course.. the SUN!! Thanks 85 degree weather for letting me wear a tank top and shorts to the coffee shop to get my homework done. You have been missed dearly by this Oregonian.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...

I have wanted to do this for a long time, but never really had the right computer for it. Not the best quality, but I had fun with it. Hope you like it!

Love and Getting Personal


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

San Diego State University

SDSU has a communication graduate program called, " Mass Communication and Media Studies." Okkkkk, this is right up my alley! I know I tell you all the time that I hate school, that I'm not good at it, but I think a separate part of me doesn't know how to identify myself as anything but a student. That being said, the idea of graduate school becomes slightly more and I mean slightly more appealing everyday.
As much as I love Oregon, I also have a bit of a crush on San Diego. I have an old friend named Renee who graduated from SDSU last year, and I visited her one time at school during my Spring Break. I instantly fell in love with the school the second I stepped onto the campus. It is incredibly beautiful! I think often about that school and the city in general, and recently got interested in looking into the application process of graduate school as I stare down the date of my graduation. What's next? A big girl job? Nike? or... Graduate school perhaps? Doing media studies! What I love! How cool to have a Masters degree in something. I am a "master" of mass communication and media studies! Me? Katie Moon, a "master" of something? Nooooo. Not possible. Or is it?
The options just seem endless at 23 years old. So many of my friends are getting married this summer, and that is so great, and so exciting, but that is not the stage of my life I am in. I am excited about the options I have, because all I have to worry about right now, is taking care of me. What do I want to do next? What does God have ahead for me after December 2012? Maybe it's time to step outside of Beaverton for awhile, and see what else there is?

Love and Options


Monday, April 16, 2012


This short excerpt below comes from a paper I wrote for my Media Literacy class. I thought the concept was pretty fascinating, so I figured I would share it with you. I apologize a little, because I know how boring this could appear to you. This right here is my warning to you: Do not read further if you get bored easily. Haha.

I would argue that I am a sensation seeker. My emotions are greatly affected by television, movies, blogs I read etc. The text defines a sensation seeker as, “a personality trait believed to have a biological basis that expresses a need for physiological arousal, novel experience and a willingness to take social, physical and financial risks to obtain such arousal” (Stephenson, 2003). I see this more actively in my life when it comes to the social aspects, and less about financial risks, or physical risks such as bungee jumping or riding extreme roller coasters. I enjoy spur of the moment activities, and often find myself walking the line of rebellion. I think these examples can be related to my sensation seeking personality. Without getting too personal, I can see the evidence of my sensation seeking the most within my dating relationships. Text messages alone are a new form of sensation seeking. The risk of sending your written thoughts to someone to respond to, or perhaps in some situations not respond, is a risk in itself. The sender of course has the power to make the message more or less “risky,” but some could argue they are still seeking an arousal from the response of the recipient.
            When it comes to my preferences in media, I can find myself being swayed in a direction that appears favorable. I enjoy watching certain reality television shows. I have even been found to form a para-social relationship with one or two reality television stars. If I can identify with these people in some sense, I find myself being persuaded or agreeing with these people when normally I would not in real life. With that being said, I think it would be easy for advertisement to capture this honesty and take advantage of that using the realty show stars. Like in the studies that Stephenson talks about, incorporating anti-drug campaigns within reality television (which is the rising form of media in this day and age) could be very powerful for younger audiences. 

Are you a sensation seeker you think?

Love and Learning to be Literate with Media


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy's and Crappy's

Headed into Week 3, but here are the events from the last 2 weeks:

- Already overwhelmed by my classes. 
- Had a customer at Nike call me a loser. He was NOT joking, and he was rude. 
- I got sick this week. This never happens, but it got me! Just this weird cough/ sore throat that mostly appears at night, makes it hard to sleep.  
- Nothing super eventful on the Max this week, which is good and bad. No good stories to report on or write about, but my safety was not in question this week... ha. 
- Lack of sleep. 
- I met the lead singer of Boyz II Men at work. As I rang him up I had no idea it was him.. its a long story but lets just say 1. I'm a fool, and 2. I'm embarrassed. 

- Happy Birthday to my big brother Ben! Love you brudder bear.
- My dear friend Katie Campbell's husband is cancer free!! Praise the Lord! 
- Tax money came in the mail... Save it? Buy a lap top? Buy some clothes? Donate it? Probably should save it.. ugh, its no fun being responsible. 
- Working in the toddler room last Easter at Solid Rock! Made my day. Those little tigers are sooo stinking cute. Especially when you hold them, and try to put them down and they cry. Warms my heart that they need me. Only further inspires my maternal instincts, but this is a good outlet for it until my niece/ nephew comes. 
- I have been loving my work outs at the gym on tues/ thurs. Lots of cardio, and good to be back in the gym, as opposed to just running every morning.
- Lots of sunshine this week, such a blessing to actually paint my toe nails and put sandals on!

Happy Sunday everyone, I am at Ava currently, I will most likely be doing homework until I'm 80 so you know where to find me!

Love and Determination


Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Not Giving Up

For those of you that know me, you would know that school has not always been "my thing." At Oregon State I struggled through 4 years of school, and by the grace of God didn't get kicked out of OSU. I found myself in Corvallis last Spring with the majority of my friends migrating back to Portland, a boyfriend coming home to Portland and I was staring down one more year of school before graduation. After much thought and consideration I decided to become a Viking. Decided to put on that green and black and forge forward as a Portland State student. It was a little intimidating and I knew it wasn't going to be the easiest transition ever, but I also knew quitting wasn't an option this late in the game. Believe me, I thought about it though. I saw my friends who were nannies making WAY more money than I do at Nike. Making enough money to at least afford rent, so trust me I thought about moving to Portland, getting my own place and being a nanny until who knows what the next step would have been.
I have used this metaphor before, but school is my Everest. It has never and I mean never been a downward slide for me. It is always an uphill climb. My hat is off to those that got through school in 4 years, no sweat off their backs, because I am not among you. I think there are alot of reasons why that is for me like: I am a relational person, I often would choose friendships/ relationships over my school work, took me awhile to develop healthy practical studying mechanisms, and I also blame my creative artistic mind. I would rather be writing a blog, going for a run, working on projects, playing my guitar and so on, and also I do have a part time job that takes up time. However, I am here to say that I am not giving up! This term might be the death of me, but I will conquer it. I will press on, and I WILL graduate in December. 8.5 months away from a degree.
I was watching Khloe and Lamar on t.v this morning as I drank my coffee, and just thought about their lifestyle. The riches, the material items. It's easy to want those things when you see them, and if I am being honest it's easy to get sucked into that Cali lifestyle and dreaming big! But I know that my life will not be that. And that's ok, my point is that I want to earn my degree and I want to support myself in this life doing a job that I love, and that I have passion for. I get excited when I think about putting money down to get my own condo or small home. Getting a dog I can run with in the morning. And someday who knows when, having a family too.
So here is to forging through to graduation; December oh how I look forward to you in excitement, and maybe slight desperation at times.

Love and Pressing On


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain. Metaphorical? Absolutely. I started my 5 mile route this morning at 6:00 like usual. I put my head phones in... however I forget to charge my i-pod last night, so I went music-less for my run this morning (foreshadowing). When I walked outside it was sprinkling rain, and as I continued my route the rain picked up slightly but still nothing I haven't seen or ran in before. Towards my last mile which is the more uphill part of my route, the rain just starts pouring. I mean POURING, dumping buckets. I figured every car that drove by me felt bad for me. I had on dri-fit pants, a jacket and a hat, but it was no match for the torrential rain I was experiencing. I started literally laughing as I ran, because it was so ridiculous. However still, I would never curse my beautiful city, with its grey skies, rain, and tall beautiful green trees. It's a good thing I didn't bring my i-pod on a day like today. It would have been soaked, so thank you Jesus for  that. 
What's the metaphor here you ask? As I ran up the hill and the rain poured harder, I just thought about how isn't that just like life? Where we get the saying, "when it rains, it pours." This is of course not true of Portland, because it rains ALL the time, but not always is it pouring. But sometimes in life you experience something: heartache, loss, sickness, financial stress, and everything just builds and builds. But you know what I've found? The rain lets up. By the time I reached my house, it was back to sprinkling. If you are reading this and are going through something hard, or stressful, please don't give up. Fight through it, even as things build and escalate, because you know what? The rain eventually stops.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." -Matthew 11:28

P.S I'm sorry I didn't put up happy's and crappy's from last week on Sunday, I was busy with Easter. I promise to make this weeks twice as good.

Love and Fighting Through the Rain


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who I Am Part 2

Who I Am...

I am... a 23 year old woman, with passion and a desire for knowledge.
I want... a career I am proud of, and a family of my own someday
I many blessings in my life starting with family and friends, and my health.
I another life I could have been a professional dancer
I hate... sushi, and I hate when I pick on myself.
I fear... sky diving, roller coasters, being trapped, and frogs.
I hear... harmonies, and then I sing them.
I search...for understanding of others, and love.
I wonder...if dogs go to Heaven?
I regret...not taking classes at Oregon State more seriously.
I family, my friends, blogging, coffee, coffee dates, gaining knowledge, my church, feeling pretty, running, new clothes, the fall, rain on a Sunday when I have to study, cuddling up watching movies, road trips, line dancing, babies, road trips, a long run, the smell of a new car, surprising people.  
I ache...when I hear about children being mistreated.
I always...have wanted to visit the South.
I usually...crave French fries
I am not...perfect, a size 0, a mathematician.
I dance...ALL THE TIME- country line dance, a little 2-step, a lil hop hop here and there
I sing...ALL THE TIME- I blame my parents.
I never...go anywhere without my planner, people make fun of me for it.
I sometimes...go into different characters that I act out, mostly when I am with Danielle, or Adriana.
I cry... rarely.  
I am not always...The most logical thinker, but that's why God created Man and Woman to join together right?
I lose...alot of things, just to find them 2 minutes after I have declared out loud to everyone in the house at the time that my item is missing. (Ask Adriana Jasso for proof)
I am confused... when I listen to Lil Wayne, or if someone asks me to do mental math.
I own space to call my own, coffee in the mornings, and someone to take care of.
I should... Probably go to Graduate school, but I do NOT want to.

Who Are You?!?!

Love and Questions


Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet Jentri'

So I told you that I wanted to relate my stories from my morning and afternoon commutes on the Max, so here is one from Wednesday morning's commute, Meet Jentri'...

"Is that book good," a young man asks me as he stumbles to the seat in front of me on the moving Max train. "Yeah I really like it so far, I got hooked after I saw the movie," I respond pleasantly as I look up from my book (The Hunger Games). I try to go back to reading but this young man wants to know where I am headed. I suspect his chatty mood has something to do with the alcohol I can smell on his breath, and I give up hope for completion of that chapter. "You going to school?"
"Yes, I'm on my way to class."
"Where do you go to school?"
"I'm at PSU, you going to school?"
" Yeah, I'm just at PCC right now, working on my associate's degree. Stanford wants me to come play golf for them, but (he started slurring words right here so I wasn't completely sure what he was saying, but I nodded respectfully) I hate golf. I love to surf, and just because they want to offer me a scholarship doesn't mean I should go there. You should do what you love to do. My name is Jentri', what is your name?"
"Jentri' as in Montgomery Gentry? (He didn't like this, started shaking his head rapidly back and forth) Do you get that alot?"
"I get that all the time, and no my name is French, and is spelled Jentri', with an accent above the 'i'."
"Oh, sorry I'm a country girl, it was just the first thing I thought of, my name is Katie."
"You have really round blue eyes, and a pretty smile too."
I uncomfortably start shifting my weight and look down immediately, "oh.. thanks, yeah I do have really large eyeballs." (why do I say awkward things like that?)
Jentri' could tell I was uncomfortable and preceded to say, "I'm not hittin' on you or anything."
"Oh no of course not, I just... well thanks. So if you are a surfer, what are you doing in Oregon?" I ask him with a quizzical look on my face.
"My daughter is here. I would never leave her, but I'm about to get full custody so I will probably move to California, and if her mom wants to see her, she can move there too."
"Oh ok, gotcha, what's your daughter's name?"
"That's really pretty."
"Yeah in about a month we will have another little girl, and we are fighting on the name, it will either be Payton, or Isabella. But I love Payton. Like the little girl from the movie with the The Rock in it."
"Or you can go with Bella, and it will be like Twilight." (Poor choice on my part to say that, apparently Twilight is not cool... news to me).

In the remainder of our commute, Jentri' talked to me about wanting to open up a sort of safe house, where kids can come to that need help with getting off drugs and alcohol. As nice as that sounds, I had to question this in my mind between the alcoholic breath he possessed and the slurring of his words he managed out made it hard for me to take him seriously. Jentri' also talked about how the alcohol in Portland is for "sissy's" and how in France the alcohol is extremely better, and how French people live longer because of it. All of this may be true, but for some reason he is not perhaps the most convincing person I have ever met. Jentri' is a young man, with a lot of facial piercings, a lot of tattoos, a kind smile, a father of soon to be two daughters, who is good at golf, wants to help kids, and is working towards his associate's degree at PCC. He probably would have shared his life with whomever was sitting in front of him, however yesterday, that person was me. If you ever come across a man named Jentri', don't make the mistake I did in assuming he was named after the country singing duo, he won't like it much.

Cheers to you Jentri'


Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Experience on the Max Today

If any of you reading this know me at all, you would know that I am a woman who craves safety and security.  I would not necessarily say that I am loud and proud about that, but I like knowing my surroundings. I like knowing the people in my surroundings, and I also like to feel as though my odds in that situation are high that I will be safe after the experience. You can call it what it is, I'm a 23 year old female born with adoring parents who have instilled in my mind that I am precious, and that I need to remain safe at all times. They may also have instilled some false fear that everything, and everyone out in the "real world" is out to get me, or hurt me so I need to carry mace at all times... I am aware that this is only true to an extent right? Or is that just an ideology I possess? That in this world, most people are good. Most people want to help others, not hurt others. Most people don't like coming off creepy, they want to be heard, and understood.
For spring term, I decided it was best to keep money in my pocket and take the Max to school Monday through Thursday. Today is Thursday of Week 1 at Portland State which means I have had 3 full days of my Max trips. Oh the stories I have cooking deep down inside me, about these people that just want to be understood, and desire to be known! How desperately I want to be a writer and just study these people on the Max. Businessman on their way to work, students on their way to school, children going to the zoo with their mom. Ragged clothes, old sneakers, cigarette smell in the air, people with their i-pods which says "please do not disturb me." I have tried that strategy by the way, it doesn't really work. People still ask me to sign petitions, or ask me about the book I'm reading and if I saw the movie already (The Hunger Games). That is usually the opening line someone uses, "Is that book good," and before I know it my hopes of getting through a chapter on my way to school have been erased because I am now in a full blown conversation with a stranger.
The writing material I gain from my Tri-Met experiences are so rich though. Yes there are times of discomfort during my travels, but overall I don't think my safety is in that high of question. As my experiences grow, I would like to share with you some of my encounters, because these people just need to be able to share their lives, and I am an easy target. Whether it is my regular clothes, my travel mug full of coffee, my backpack screaming my status as a student, or my high need for hygiene (which trust me, lacks on the Max), people just know that if they talk to me I will listen. I am still trying to place how it is the Lord can use me in this time as well. Is it more important that I keep to myself and try to ignore others, or do I listen when people talk to me? I know for certain I am terrible at ignoring people, and I am also the world's worst liar. People ask me almost everyday 3 things: 1) Is my book good? 2) Where am I headed? 3) Where do I work? People need a reason to talk to you that explains 1. People want to know what you do with your life and why, that explains 2. And lastly people want to know what you spend your time doing, and how you make a life from that, that explains 3. If you ask me these questions I will tell you the truth. It may be that I need to work on fabricating number 3 for my own safety, but overall these people mean no harm. So if you take the Tri-Met in Portland, maybe all these people want is someone to listen to them, so try it. I didn't say I was perfect at it either, but I am trying to keep an open mind, as I explore this world of public transportation.

Love and Listening


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding Love Part 2

I read some comments people left on my Facebook about my last blog post. I deleted the comments because I think I was misunderstood in my last post. Which usually I could care less if someone misinterprets what I say on here. I try my best to use my tools of language, punctuation, sentence structure and word choice to emphasize what it is I am trying to say, but still there is often so much emotion behind what I'm expressing that it is only fair that not everyone captures what I am really saying.
I write my blogs to yes express emotion, but also I see myself as a sort of ethnographer if you will. Someone immersed in cultures that I study from, and then write about. A reporter, a journalist perhaps? That's how I like to see myself anyways. Even though typically I do write about myself and my own life (hence the title of my blog) but I also like playing the Devil's advocate.
This is to say that sometimes like my last post about love, I am not crying or venting about the status I am in right now at 22, oh crap I'm 23 now (I always forget) but more to pose questions, and seek knowledge and understanding. My last post was not meant for pity, but rather to gain insight on what others thought about what I said. Thank you for reading. I enjoy writing, and I am blessed that anyone would take the time to read my thoughts.

From My Heart,


Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding Love

Love. I see it everyday. I am even blessed enough to feel it everyday. I see it when I come home to find my parents cuddled up on the couch, I hear it in the giggles exchanged by my brother and sister-in-law. I learn about it when my best friend Adriana talks about her fiance' Ryan and the dreams they have for their upcoming wedding. I cry a little when Katie Campbell tells me about never leaving her husband's side as he went through chemotherapy in the first months of their marriage, and I am engulfed in it when I can sit and be embraced by my father in Heaven.
A soul mate. It seems impossible. Impossible to find or be found by the one who makes you feel complete. The one who you cannot imagine one more day without. How do you find that person? You trust in the Lord of course. But do you just wait? I know it often happens when you least expect it... or so I am told. But sometimes you meet people that you just click with. The ease of conversation is so refreshing. The twinkle in the eyes, the nerves in the stomach reassure you that this person is special. But how can it be, that one day you just decide they are your forever? What if they hate scary movies, and you love them? What if they like sushi, and you would rather eat dog food? What if they went to the University of Oregon, or wear tennis shoes with dress pants? What if they love cats, and you're allergic? What if they can't carry a tune to save their life, and your whole family is musical? What if they don't believe in the same things you do? Does that make it wrong? Does that make it impossible? Or should the "what-ifs" not matter? It's hard enough finding someone you like spending time with, that you are attracted to, that makes you laugh. Should the "what-ifs" be laid to rest?Relationships can be so limiting, but yet cause your heart to expand beyond what you thought possible. You take faith in the Lord's plan for your life, but often that is not easy. Sometimes life doesn't seem very fair. Especially when all someone really wants is to have someone to talk to about their day, and to cuddle up with at the end of the night. Does it need to be so complicated?



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

The week of spring break:

- The lady at Trader Joes packed my groceries so high in the bag that the handles broke in the parking lot, bag fell to the ground, strawberries all over the parking lot. I thought about going back to get new ones, and then didn't.
- All of the RAIN and cold during spring break
- Taking the max downtown, tried to get onto my connecting max to go to PSU, but there was a fire blocking the tri-met street, so I had to walk in the rain to PSU to get my books.

- Tax money coming back! Waaaaay more than I ever expected. It's nice being able to claim yourself for once.
- I only had to purchase two books... saved money again.
- Redmond was so relaxing! I got to be around family, good food, and dogs for 3 days and I got to see Mark!
- Spending time with my friends, sister-in-law, and cousin.
- Got my nails done with my mama
- Finally got to buy Baby Moon something
- Had a week to not worry about much of a schedule or homework
- Spending time with new friends

Not my most exciting week of happy's and crappy's but here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
Lunch at Crouton, great sandwiches and salads
 Cupcakes for Dessert 
Mallie and her cupcake
 The View From the House
 My Purchases of the week
Cathy and Mom
For my Future Niece or Nephew, maybe slightly tacky.. I couldn't resist

Love and the End of Spring Break