Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding Love Part 2

I read some comments people left on my Facebook about my last blog post. I deleted the comments because I think I was misunderstood in my last post. Which usually I could care less if someone misinterprets what I say on here. I try my best to use my tools of language, punctuation, sentence structure and word choice to emphasize what it is I am trying to say, but still there is often so much emotion behind what I'm expressing that it is only fair that not everyone captures what I am really saying.
I write my blogs to yes express emotion, but also I see myself as a sort of ethnographer if you will. Someone immersed in cultures that I study from, and then write about. A reporter, a journalist perhaps? That's how I like to see myself anyways. Even though typically I do write about myself and my own life (hence the title of my blog) but I also like playing the Devil's advocate.
This is to say that sometimes like my last post about love, I am not crying or venting about the status I am in right now at 22, oh crap I'm 23 now (I always forget) but more to pose questions, and seek knowledge and understanding. My last post was not meant for pity, but rather to gain insight on what others thought about what I said. Thank you for reading. I enjoy writing, and I am blessed that anyone would take the time to read my thoughts.

From My Heart,


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