Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

The week of spring break:

- The lady at Trader Joes packed my groceries so high in the bag that the handles broke in the parking lot, bag fell to the ground, strawberries all over the parking lot. I thought about going back to get new ones, and then didn't.
- All of the RAIN and cold during spring break
- Taking the max downtown, tried to get onto my connecting max to go to PSU, but there was a fire blocking the tri-met street, so I had to walk in the rain to PSU to get my books.

- Tax money coming back! Waaaaay more than I ever expected. It's nice being able to claim yourself for once.
- I only had to purchase two books... saved money again.
- Redmond was so relaxing! I got to be around family, good food, and dogs for 3 days and I got to see Mark!
- Spending time with my friends, sister-in-law, and cousin.
- Got my nails done with my mama
- Finally got to buy Baby Moon something
- Had a week to not worry about much of a schedule or homework
- Spending time with new friends

Not my most exciting week of happy's and crappy's but here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
Lunch at Crouton, great sandwiches and salads
 Cupcakes for Dessert 
Mallie and her cupcake
 The View From the House
 My Purchases of the week
Cathy and Mom
For my Future Niece or Nephew, maybe slightly tacky.. I couldn't resist

Love and the End of Spring Break


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  1. So glad to be a part of your Spring Break! Loved, loved, loved having you guys over!!!