Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Vs. Crappy

- Didn't prepare as well as I should have for a midterm on Wednesday.
- Stuck on the Max for 2 hours on Tuesday night, because there was a train ahead of us with bad brakes. Oh goshhh, I quickly learned about people's hygiene choices that night. It was rush hour btw. Love public transportation.
- Midterms.
- Missing my girl friends. Everyone is so busy. I miss just running meaningless errands with them. I miss my roommates. I am an independent person naturally, I always run errands on my own, but this week I had a good case of "the lonelies."

- House sitting starting today. Nice to have a place to myself, and a dog to take on runs.
- I am going to a bbq tonight at my best friend's house who I NEVER get to see. Joy will flow through my veins.
- Church this morning was such a delight, not that it isn't every week. But it was so good to be among God's people surrounded in His love and worshiping his name.

- To be a better light at the place I work. To be more joyful and to make a difference with not only the customers but with my fellow employees.
- I want to be a joy to the people I sit by on the max, to the barista who makes my coffee, to the people in my classroom at PSU.
- I want to be a woman who speaks with wisdom and grace. A woman who is kind despite how others treat me. I want to inspire others around me, and make them wonder why I am different than the rest.
- God is good, yesterday, today and forever.

Love and May You Feel Loved Today


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