Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy's and Crappy's

Headed into Week 3, but here are the events from the last 2 weeks:

- Already overwhelmed by my classes. 
- Had a customer at Nike call me a loser. He was NOT joking, and he was rude. 
- I got sick this week. This never happens, but it got me! Just this weird cough/ sore throat that mostly appears at night, makes it hard to sleep.  
- Nothing super eventful on the Max this week, which is good and bad. No good stories to report on or write about, but my safety was not in question this week... ha. 
- Lack of sleep. 
- I met the lead singer of Boyz II Men at work. As I rang him up I had no idea it was him.. its a long story but lets just say 1. I'm a fool, and 2. I'm embarrassed. 

- Happy Birthday to my big brother Ben! Love you brudder bear.
- My dear friend Katie Campbell's husband is cancer free!! Praise the Lord! 
- Tax money came in the mail... Save it? Buy a lap top? Buy some clothes? Donate it? Probably should save it.. ugh, its no fun being responsible. 
- Working in the toddler room last Easter at Solid Rock! Made my day. Those little tigers are sooo stinking cute. Especially when you hold them, and try to put them down and they cry. Warms my heart that they need me. Only further inspires my maternal instincts, but this is a good outlet for it until my niece/ nephew comes. 
- I have been loving my work outs at the gym on tues/ thurs. Lots of cardio, and good to be back in the gym, as opposed to just running every morning.
- Lots of sunshine this week, such a blessing to actually paint my toe nails and put sandals on!

Happy Sunday everyone, I am at Ava currently, I will most likely be doing homework until I'm 80 so you know where to find me!

Love and Determination


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