Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy's and Crappy's

- Still was getting over a little sickness, that had me pretty wiped out til the end of the week.
- I felt super belittled in front of a customer at work, when one of my managers decided it was a good idea to get cranky with me. Pet Peeve: People telling me I'm stupid, when I know I am not.
- Ran sooooo fast to hop on the max on Wednesday only to have the doors shut right in my face as everyone stared from inside. Survival of the fittest I guess. I lost.
- Air conditioning was broken at work today... of ALL days. It had to be on the hottest day we have had this year. Everyone was sweating, complaining, and light headed. Bad combination let me assure you.

- Working in the toddler room this morning. I have a feeling these little babes will always be a highlight of my week. The way they need you is just so refreshing and comforting.
- Had a great week of running/ working out. I really made it a priority this week, and I hope to keep that up
- Had coffee with my friend Lindsey, I just love spending time with her. Good to laugh with old friends
- Feeling inspired to take on whatever is ahead. A real job, Graduate school.
- Looking forward to maybe a little vacation to L.A to visit my friend Maki.
- My hard work is already paying off in my grades with school. I feel like I'm drowning sometimes, but really I am staying afloat.
- Went to "Lucky One" on Friday night with my cousin Christian, let down of a movie, but fun to be with her
- Had a slight shopping spree... don't judge me please, I just wanted to get a few fun things... so I did.
-The smell of flowers and bbq's outside. Glorious.
-The sound of metal bats hitting baseballs at my high school.
- and of course.. the SUN!! Thanks 85 degree weather for letting me wear a tank top and shorts to the coffee shop to get my homework done. You have been missed dearly by this Oregonian.

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