Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Not Giving Up

For those of you that know me, you would know that school has not always been "my thing." At Oregon State I struggled through 4 years of school, and by the grace of God didn't get kicked out of OSU. I found myself in Corvallis last Spring with the majority of my friends migrating back to Portland, a boyfriend coming home to Portland and I was staring down one more year of school before graduation. After much thought and consideration I decided to become a Viking. Decided to put on that green and black and forge forward as a Portland State student. It was a little intimidating and I knew it wasn't going to be the easiest transition ever, but I also knew quitting wasn't an option this late in the game. Believe me, I thought about it though. I saw my friends who were nannies making WAY more money than I do at Nike. Making enough money to at least afford rent, so trust me I thought about moving to Portland, getting my own place and being a nanny until who knows what the next step would have been.
I have used this metaphor before, but school is my Everest. It has never and I mean never been a downward slide for me. It is always an uphill climb. My hat is off to those that got through school in 4 years, no sweat off their backs, because I am not among you. I think there are alot of reasons why that is for me like: I am a relational person, I often would choose friendships/ relationships over my school work, took me awhile to develop healthy practical studying mechanisms, and I also blame my creative artistic mind. I would rather be writing a blog, going for a run, working on projects, playing my guitar and so on, and also I do have a part time job that takes up time. However, I am here to say that I am not giving up! This term might be the death of me, but I will conquer it. I will press on, and I WILL graduate in December. 8.5 months away from a degree.
I was watching Khloe and Lamar on t.v this morning as I drank my coffee, and just thought about their lifestyle. The riches, the material items. It's easy to want those things when you see them, and if I am being honest it's easy to get sucked into that Cali lifestyle and dreaming big! But I know that my life will not be that. And that's ok, my point is that I want to earn my degree and I want to support myself in this life doing a job that I love, and that I have passion for. I get excited when I think about putting money down to get my own condo or small home. Getting a dog I can run with in the morning. And someday who knows when, having a family too.
So here is to forging through to graduation; December oh how I look forward to you in excitement, and maybe slight desperation at times.

Love and Pressing On


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  1. Mooner I love you and trust me girl I feel ya!! but December is waiting for us! We will finish! WE WILL!!! and then we can move to Sweet Home Alabama and find our soul mates... who might live in a ranch house he built himself and might be named Bubbba... Love you!