Tuesday, April 17, 2012

San Diego State University

SDSU has a communication graduate program called, " Mass Communication and Media Studies." Okkkkk, this is right up my alley! I know I tell you all the time that I hate school, that I'm not good at it, but I think a separate part of me doesn't know how to identify myself as anything but a student. That being said, the idea of graduate school becomes slightly more and I mean slightly more appealing everyday.
As much as I love Oregon, I also have a bit of a crush on San Diego. I have an old friend named Renee who graduated from SDSU last year, and I visited her one time at school during my Spring Break. I instantly fell in love with the school the second I stepped onto the campus. It is incredibly beautiful! I think often about that school and the city in general, and recently got interested in looking into the application process of graduate school as I stare down the date of my graduation. What's next? A big girl job? Nike? or... Graduate school perhaps? Doing media studies! What I love! How cool to have a Masters degree in something. I am a "master" of mass communication and media studies! Me? Katie Moon, a "master" of something? Nooooo. Not possible. Or is it?
The options just seem endless at 23 years old. So many of my friends are getting married this summer, and that is so great, and so exciting, but that is not the stage of my life I am in. I am excited about the options I have, because all I have to worry about right now, is taking care of me. What do I want to do next? What does God have ahead for me after December 2012? Maybe it's time to step outside of Beaverton for awhile, and see what else there is?

Love and Options


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  1. :) I have a crush on San Diego too. I think you are dead on lady, live in fully in the season you are in and make the most of it. Love you!