Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who I Am Part 2

Who I Am...

I am... a 23 year old woman, with passion and a desire for knowledge.
I want... a career I am proud of, and a family of my own someday
I many blessings in my life starting with family and friends, and my health.
I another life I could have been a professional dancer
I hate... sushi, and I hate when I pick on myself.
I fear... sky diving, roller coasters, being trapped, and frogs.
I hear... harmonies, and then I sing them.
I search...for understanding of others, and love.
I wonder...if dogs go to Heaven?
I regret...not taking classes at Oregon State more seriously.
I family, my friends, blogging, coffee, coffee dates, gaining knowledge, my church, feeling pretty, running, new clothes, the fall, rain on a Sunday when I have to study, cuddling up watching movies, road trips, line dancing, babies, road trips, a long run, the smell of a new car, surprising people.  
I ache...when I hear about children being mistreated.
I always...have wanted to visit the South.
I usually...crave French fries
I am not...perfect, a size 0, a mathematician.
I dance...ALL THE TIME- country line dance, a little 2-step, a lil hop hop here and there
I sing...ALL THE TIME- I blame my parents.
I never...go anywhere without my planner, people make fun of me for it.
I sometimes...go into different characters that I act out, mostly when I am with Danielle, or Adriana.
I cry... rarely.  
I am not always...The most logical thinker, but that's why God created Man and Woman to join together right?
I lose...alot of things, just to find them 2 minutes after I have declared out loud to everyone in the house at the time that my item is missing. (Ask Adriana Jasso for proof)
I am confused... when I listen to Lil Wayne, or if someone asks me to do mental math.
I own space to call my own, coffee in the mornings, and someone to take care of.
I should... Probably go to Graduate school, but I do NOT want to.

Who Are You?!?!

Love and Questions


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