Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day in the Life Of...

Me... Katie Moon.
It is Monday, Memorial Day. Everyone's day off... well except me of course. I woke up this morning to continue working on a paper that is due Wednesday of this week. I have to have it done today, because I must begin my paper for my other class that is due Thursday, and man is that one going to suck to write. 12 pages. I might be dead after Thursday. If I am to survive after Thursday I will have a significantly less stressful week ahead (week 10 of classes). I will have a few light homework assignments here and there, a group project/ paper, and I will take 3 finals during week 10. Week 11 consists of a presentation, a paper due, and 1 final. Oh man am I going to celebrate on Thursday of week 11!! Who's with me?? 

For the rest of today, I will finish this paper, go for a run, and get ready for work in the late afternoon. Not my most memorable or fun Memorial Days, but at least I get time and a half right?! 

Well just thought I would get an update in really quick, I know I haven't been writing very frequently this term, it's just been a crazy spring term. I promise to get after my blog once this term is over. 

Love and Survival


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