Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Too this, Too that

Blonde? Brunette? Long hair, short hair? Brown eyes, blue eyes? Too much makeup... not enough makeup. Lose weight. Buy more clothes. Pale, too tan. Too funny, not funny enough. Too thrilling, not thrilling enough. Too reserved, not reserved enough. Too adventurous, not adventurous enough. Too sexy, not sexy. Not enough of a natural beauty. Finger nails are too short. Not involved enough. Too career focused, too focused on relationships. Talks too much, doesn't talk enough. Too opinionated, no opinion of her own. Thinks too highly of herself, doesn't think highly enough of herself. Too independent, not independent enough. Never talks to me, too needy. Too maternal, not maternal enough.

(A lot of women think this way, and they often feel the pressures come from men, but maybe it is really from ourselves)

Love and Exhaustion


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