Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Projects

So in Oregon we have this issue I like to call the Weather. When I call the weather an issue, I simply mean that it is something you always have to take into consideration. This is why I love my "summer projects." When the weather is nice, I'm naturally in more of a productive mood. Cleaning, and organizing doesn't seem so daunting when the sun is shining. So this summer, on top of going to school full time, working at Nike, and training for HTC, here are some things I want to accomplish:

DIET- I am in the process of learning how to eat to better my performance as a runner. This means trying new foods, new recipes, and gaining more experience in the kitchen.

WARDROBE- As I look towards graduation, I am working on building my work appropriate wardrobe, and I am learning what clothing items I need to be willing to spend a little more dough on.

WORKOUT- Not only do I want to run this summer, but I want to be better about utilizing my gym membership at school. Lifting weights more, and maybe even taking some classes like Zumba. I also want to go on lots of hikes this summer, in the gorge or elsewhere. I also want to utilize Nike campus more, and run on the outdoor track.

PARTY PLANNING- Adriana is getting married!! That means I have to get my "maid-of-honor- on" and start planning her bachelorette party. Also my nephew Malachi will be here before we know it, so Stacey and I need to get working on the family baby shower. I need to find my maid of honor dress for the wedding as well. Also gotta get going on all my graduation bid-ness.

So here is to getting started today on a day that is so lovely and 80 degrees, side note (its my day off!)

Love and Summer Projects


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well my friends, I made it through Spring Term. Oh good gracious, what a feat that was! When I finished my last final on Thursday, I can't even begin to tell you the relief I felt. Summer classes start a week from today so I am trying to take in the time off I have, and really enjoy it. It is so wonderful knowing when I come home from a run or from work that I don't immediately have to jump on my lap top to work on homework. Which btw... I got my graduation gift early from my parents, bless their hearts, they got me a new LAPTOP! So blessed by them, I can't even begin to tell you. Also side note, I dropped my blackberry in the toilet (so gross) and so I upgraded a bit, and bought myself an early grad gift as well... an I-PHONE. Your friend Katie here is really moving up in the world of technology. So I am staring down the barrel of 2 more terms in college and I am done! Praying for provision over the next 6 months, and for guidance of where the Lord wants me to be in terms of a career and moving out on my own. What an exciting time in life right?! Where are you going to live, what job will you have, who will you be spending your time with? So many questions, that I need to remind myself daily that my trust needs to ultimately be in my Father in Heaven. There is no point in doubting the plans He has for me. What good will that do? Sometimes I honestly catch myself thinking that the plans I have for myself are better than the Lord's. What a bunch of rubbish right?
This Thursday my three cousins and my aunt from Ohio are flying in to spend almost 2 weeks with my family. I cannot wait! We are going to go to Seattle and I am just going to enjoy spending time with loved ones.
Oh and did I tell you I am running Hood to Coast at the end of August?? So pumped, and in full on training mode as of yesterday. Its the diet I really need to focus on. So Wish me Luck!!

Love and Feeling Fine its Summer Time


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On a Night Like This

One of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time. Not that I am getting married anytime soon... but a girl can't help but imagine herself walking down the aisle to this song. Ladies if you are reading this and are trying to find a good wedding song for your special day, I might have to just call DIBS on this one.  ha! But please do listen and enjoy, like I have been. On repeat, at Ava while I study for my last final of Spring Term!

Love and Hitting Repeat!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looking Forward To...

I have been so focused on school this term, and this year really that I have had significantly less time for friends, family, and me time. The times when I am not at work or school are the times that I am typically working on homework, working out, or trying to have some down time. I have been so concerned with getting everything done, that I am less focused on the good and the blessings in my life. I felt it was appropriate to make a list of things I am looking forward to in the months to come because it makes my heart happy and encouraged to dwell on the good!

-The end of spring term is less than 2 weeks away. This term has been CRAZZZZZY, and I am ready for it to be in the past
-Two of my cousins and my Aunt are visiting in a couple weeks from Ohio and Colorado, and we are going to take a quick trip to Seattle for a weekend.
- Lots of weddings!
- Spending more time with friends this morning
- A better running schedule
- Hikes!
- Warm weather and sunshine
- GRADUATION in August!!
- Opportunities with Nike
- My Nephew being born
- Hawaii in December!

There are probably some things I am forgetting, but I am ready for the chapter of school to finally be over. Ready for new things. New responsibilities, new goals. Ready to take on a different label, other than student. So here is to focusing on the good, and focusing on what's ahead! Following the Lord's will, and getting excited for the path ahead!

Love and New Opportunities