Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Projects

So in Oregon we have this issue I like to call the Weather. When I call the weather an issue, I simply mean that it is something you always have to take into consideration. This is why I love my "summer projects." When the weather is nice, I'm naturally in more of a productive mood. Cleaning, and organizing doesn't seem so daunting when the sun is shining. So this summer, on top of going to school full time, working at Nike, and training for HTC, here are some things I want to accomplish:

DIET- I am in the process of learning how to eat to better my performance as a runner. This means trying new foods, new recipes, and gaining more experience in the kitchen.

WARDROBE- As I look towards graduation, I am working on building my work appropriate wardrobe, and I am learning what clothing items I need to be willing to spend a little more dough on.

WORKOUT- Not only do I want to run this summer, but I want to be better about utilizing my gym membership at school. Lifting weights more, and maybe even taking some classes like Zumba. I also want to go on lots of hikes this summer, in the gorge or elsewhere. I also want to utilize Nike campus more, and run on the outdoor track.

PARTY PLANNING- Adriana is getting married!! That means I have to get my "maid-of-honor- on" and start planning her bachelorette party. Also my nephew Malachi will be here before we know it, so Stacey and I need to get working on the family baby shower. I need to find my maid of honor dress for the wedding as well. Also gotta get going on all my graduation bid-ness.

So here is to getting started today on a day that is so lovely and 80 degrees, side note (its my day off!)

Love and Summer Projects



  1. You are a true inspiration, Kate! I love you and miss you and want to cook with you and walk-'cause-this-girl-don't-run with you and go shopping with you.....and will we get to do these things? Let's make it happen kid!

  2. YES Cath!! Lets plan a good time to get together this summer!!

  3. Plus I need your help with cooking!!