Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well my friends, I made it through Spring Term. Oh good gracious, what a feat that was! When I finished my last final on Thursday, I can't even begin to tell you the relief I felt. Summer classes start a week from today so I am trying to take in the time off I have, and really enjoy it. It is so wonderful knowing when I come home from a run or from work that I don't immediately have to jump on my lap top to work on homework. Which btw... I got my graduation gift early from my parents, bless their hearts, they got me a new LAPTOP! So blessed by them, I can't even begin to tell you. Also side note, I dropped my blackberry in the toilet (so gross) and so I upgraded a bit, and bought myself an early grad gift as well... an I-PHONE. Your friend Katie here is really moving up in the world of technology. So I am staring down the barrel of 2 more terms in college and I am done! Praying for provision over the next 6 months, and for guidance of where the Lord wants me to be in terms of a career and moving out on my own. What an exciting time in life right?! Where are you going to live, what job will you have, who will you be spending your time with? So many questions, that I need to remind myself daily that my trust needs to ultimately be in my Father in Heaven. There is no point in doubting the plans He has for me. What good will that do? Sometimes I honestly catch myself thinking that the plans I have for myself are better than the Lord's. What a bunch of rubbish right?
This Thursday my three cousins and my aunt from Ohio are flying in to spend almost 2 weeks with my family. I cannot wait! We are going to go to Seattle and I am just going to enjoy spending time with loved ones.
Oh and did I tell you I am running Hood to Coast at the end of August?? So pumped, and in full on training mode as of yesterday. Its the diet I really need to focus on. So Wish me Luck!!

Love and Feeling Fine its Summer Time


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