Monday, July 30, 2012

Blessed to be a Blessing

As I was spending time reading my bible this morning and reading through my devotional book, "Streams in the Desert" (great book by the way, #getit) I was struck by the passage for today in a very convicting way.
Here is part of the entry for today's devotion:

For life is all too short, dear
And sorrow is all too great, 
To allow our slow compassion
That tarries until too late.
And it's not the thing you do, dear
It's the thing you leave undone,
That gives you the bitter heartache,
At the setting of the sun. 

This really spoke to me, as I sit here now looking over my to-do list for the day, and as I feel the angst rising up in my throat of all I need to get done for school. That is my everyday though. I always have a million things to do. I will always have laundry that needs folding, or dishes to unload. I think it's the moments when you set aside time for others that really help shape who you are. What is the point of waking up every morning with an overwhelming to-do list, if the "to-do's" are only serving yourself? How can you serve someone else today? Make a list of the ways you are blessed, so that you can then be a blessing to others. That's why I love the line in the poem about the things you don't end up doing that you know you should have, that leaves you more empty in the end. Is getting some extra laundry done more important than writing a sweet note for a friend who needs encouraging? Perhaps today can be a day when you examine your heart. Who has been on your heart to help out? Maybe it's financially, maybe it's just lending a helping hand. Sometimes it's just setting aside time to make a phone call to let a friend know you care about them and that you are praying for them. Encouragement goes a long way. Let the moments when you live unselfishly define you. Today, live for others, and live for Christ. 

Love and Encouragement


Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Weekend of Weddings

Friday evening I was able to witness the marriage of Kenneth Ernst and Anna Edmonds. It was such a fun wedding set out in the country, and incredibly beautiful. This wedding was a wonderful blending of Oregon State U friends, and Western Oregon U friends. There was dancing and food and wine, and lots of laughter.
Saturday evening I was able to witness the marriage of an old dear friend of mine Stan Scriven, to Courtney Dalton and absolutely stunning bride.
And today I just got home from my friend Kristen's Bridal Shower.
This truly has been a wedding packed weekend, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I let a few tears stream down my cheek when I realized some things:
For those of you that know me well, you know that I am incredibly excited to one day be the girl in the white dress walking down the aisle holding my dad's arm. You also probably know how incredibly excited I am to be a mom. But today, as we sat at the party and listened to women who had been married 20+ years pour wisdom into the hearts of the younger women it hit me just the power we posses as women praying for our husbands now, and every day after we say "I do." It was so cool being able to pray over Kristen. Praying for Cassidy and his leadership. Praying for Kristen that she would be a woman who always respects and honors her husband, and that in return he would love her and lay down his life for her. I am so excited for Kristen and the adventure she has ahead, and I look so forward to when it will be my time. But now is the time for preparation on my part. To be praying now, today, to be preparing my heart, and to learn more and more what it means to lay my life down for someone as a servant. I am thankful for my friends who have gotten married before me, and for their wisdom.
Wedding tally for the rest of summer= 2 Wedding Receptions, and only 1 wedding left which is Adriana's! Almost done with wedding season, cannot believe how many friends are now married people! Blessings.

Love and Tis the Season


Friday, July 20, 2012

After the Batman Premier

Update: I just heard about the shooting in CO at the Batman premier in Denver. I don't know why people think that they have the authority to do something so tragic and wreck the lives of so many families. My prayers are with these people, and my Hope remains in God makes all things come together for His good. That is the only sense I can make of terrible, incredibly saddening situations.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Went to the midnight showing last night of The Dark Knight Rises. Epic. What a great series of movies! Not sure how I am so awake right at this moment, but I am currently brewing a pot of coffee for me and Shannon, and finishing up some homework before work this morning. I have a feeling later this day, I will remember that I only got 5.5 hours of sleep last night. But anyways...

Take #2 of posting some of my guitar playing. The sound is even worse than my other video for some reason. It sounds like I added special effects with some sort of drum or something. Oh well, it's still fun making videos. Hope you like it. 

(Coldplay- "Fix You" cover)

Love and Being a Little Melodramatic 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did I Tell You About the Time...

(This is the hair that literally fell off my head)

Story Time: (For those of you that know my parents... don't tell them. I'm waiting for the right moment)

So last night, I was getting together with my friend Georgia. I thought it would be a great idea to BBQ some chicken for us. I am telling you, I have used the grill before. No problems. However last night... I turned the gas on, step one. Step 2 I turned the burners on. Step 3 I pushed the ignite button. No light. I pushed it again no light. The third time I pushed the button the bbq burst out in a huge flame!! I was literally leaning over the grill waiting to see it ignite expecting a mild, MILD flame. WRONG! Flame in my FACE!! My hair burned, and it fell into my hands as I was running around freaking out! The flame was in my face, but my eyebrows, eye lashes did not burn. Just my bangs for the most part are ruined. I was not only in shock, but then my friend Georgia came over 2 seconds after it all happened, and I answer the door in hysterics telling her "Georgia I just burned my face." She thought I was kidding because clearly my face was not burned, but where hair once was... is no longer there. Talk about an unfortunate moment. Here is the silver lining: That day I was wearing my hair in a pony-tail, praise the Lord! As funny as it may sound, I know it was his provision. Had my hair been down last night, I would have had to chop my hair off like Halle Berry. Would not be my best look. I think that sometime in the future I will be able to laugh about this, and post photos of my burnt hair... but for now I think I am in mourning a little. As if any girl needs to be even more insecure in anyway. Goodness. Thank goodness Georgia came over though. She really helped me put it in perspective, and helped cut out all of the left over burnt pieces. Side note: It smelled soooo bad.
Summary: 1)  My parents left out of town, and the first night I burn myself. My dad even sent me a text earlier telling me not to burn the house down... well I did worse, MY PRECIOUS HAIR!!
2) My bangs are gone
3) I vow to never touch a bbq ever again unsupervised
4) I am seriously contemplating getting extensions to make myself feel better
5) Its ok if you are currently laughing at my somewhat miserable state, I probably would be laughing too

Love and Focusing on Worst Scenarios Than Last Night #havingtoshavemyhead


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I took my mama to the airport this morning so she could go meet her hubby (dad) in Arizona. Their life is rough... In their defense my dad is technically working while in AZ, and they will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary which I must say I am durn proud of them for! But really I had it all planned out. Parents gone for a week= house to myself. = friends over EVERY night = I will not feel even slightly nervous about sleeping at night with no one here... not even Reggie (my pup) = I can leave clothes laying around and no one can tell me not to = I can dance in every room of the house if I wanted to = the best week EVER! Right? mmmmm... I'm starting to think not so much. I had a plan today to be suuuuuuper productive. After dropping mom off at 5 this morning, instead of going back to bed I went to Nike campus to run on the outdoor track. Great start to the day I must say. Came home to coffee, and decided to turn the TV on... poor choice. MTV was having a "retro MTV marathon" of  The Hills! What are they doing to me?? Any ounce of productivity I had, went out the window. As I sit an type to you all, I am 3 episodes in, sitting in my PSU Vikings sweat pants with blow dried hair on the couch with no makeup on and only 3 hours until I need to be at work. What I still need to get done today:
- Finish getting ready
- Read a chapter in my book for Comm 410
- Write a reflection for my capstone class
- Mail my cousin her jacket and sandals
- Wake up
- Google the distance of the outdoor track at Nike so I know how many miles I ran this morning
- Get a life.

That about sums it up. I hope this post finds you much  more productive than I am being. Excited to hang out with my friend Georgia after work tonight, that should be my motivation to do work.
Until next time...

(Ma and Pa... Happy 28th Anniversary!)

Love and Being a Couch Potatoe


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Come Find Me

This summer I am taking my senior capstone class "Sexual Assault on the College Campus." As depressing as that sounds... it is actually a topic I have worked with in the past at Oregon State where I was a peer advocate on my campus. Through this class I will be working with the Portland State Women's Resource Center social media sites and blog SheSheet
I will be posting on their blog continually throughout the term, so you can come find me over there if you would like! Even though the topics are much more real-world than my "up-in-the-clouds" kind of posts you are used to, I have been enjoying taking a more editorial approach to writing. I feel so professional, and I just know I would looooove doing this in "real life" for a career someday, God willing. I will try and keep you all up to date on this blog, but forgive me if I go a little while without posting, I am just taking my writing position more seriously as I am being graded for my blog posts now (something I am not used to).

Love and Future Careers


Thursday, July 12, 2012

California Here I Come!

Grad present from my brudder and seester... They are sending me to L.A to visit my sisterpants Maki (view photo below if you have forgotten what she looks like because she hates Beaverton and never visits.. k thats not true, but still view photo below because she be cold. Cold is the new saying I believe for "good looking.")
(Look how cute she is!!)

I cannot wait to go though!! Side note: I have never flown on a plane by myself. I am slightly scared. I am however going to get really into this. I will have my book ready for the plane, perhaps a good People magazine as well to keep up with the Kardashians. Also I will be "google-ing" every photo where L.C from the Hills was last seen, because it's about time we met up... Besides Maki is her biggest fan so she will want to see her too. Below I am incorporating one of the last photos taken of me and Maki which is ludicrous on so many levels, but this is my Freshman year of college at OSU, she came to visit me, and we snuck her into a football game 
(Blonde hair.. lets not talk about it)

Mak, I am so pumped to come spend time with you! It's the weekend after my graduation, and it will be high time for some beach action and belly laughs. Just don't get too attached to me while I am there, because unlike you, I love the North West. ;) 

Love and Redondo Beach


Friday, July 6, 2012

My Summer "Go-To's"

Wedges: What would I do without you wedges?? You are the perfect in-between look for me. I can pretend  that I know how to walk in heels when I wear wedges because there is so much more support. The wedge adds great height for my short legs and is a great shoe for the on-the-fence sassy but sweet look. Ladies don't hesitate to bust out the wedges with some skinny jeans, always a cute look!

The Classic Summer Dress: I just can't help my love for classic summer times dresses. When I am feeling cutesy and playful. Add either some cowboy boots or cute sandals to this dress and you are ready for a summer concert or a fun date night!

Aviators: The only sunglasses I will swear by. My face is too small for any other sunglasses, and these glasses go with casual or more dressy looks. Very versatile. 
The Maxi: So hot right now! Tuck it into a tank, tuck it into a V-neck. Great for days when you aren't feeling your skinniest, or for days when you just want to be casual. Always appropriate. 
The Baseball Hat: A great go-to-look when you don't have time to wash your hair, or just want to run some errands. Fun Fact: Boys love girls who can pull off the baseball hat look, so try it out! 
Hope you like my "go-to" looks. Gosh I love summertime! Hope you are all able to get some sun on your faces today!

Love and Summer-wear


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's a Springsteen 4th of July

Born in the U.S.A- Is not only a great song, but is also true of me, and is a great celebratory song for today! In one of my summer classes that started last week, we have been discussing the ways in which we personally were born into privilege. Honestly this was a topic that I have never considered thoughtfully before. I am privileged because I am white, because I was born in a Christian home, because my family are in the upper middle class of society, and for plenty of other reasons. I am also not privileged in some ways such as I was born female. But something I feel is one of the largest ways in which I am privileged is that I was born in the U.S.A. What a privilege to be born here, to be able to worship freely. To be able to choose our leaders, and decide how many children we want to have, and choose our profession. I was born into a country of freedom, and for this I am grateful. I pray this 4th finds you happy and healthy, and safe. I am off to lay in the sun for awhile before I head out to a friend's BBQ. Oh... and take a listen to some Springsteen that I so graciously linked for you below. 

Love and Fireworks