Thursday, July 12, 2012

California Here I Come!

Grad present from my brudder and seester... They are sending me to L.A to visit my sisterpants Maki (view photo below if you have forgotten what she looks like because she hates Beaverton and never visits.. k thats not true, but still view photo below because she be cold. Cold is the new saying I believe for "good looking.")
(Look how cute she is!!)

I cannot wait to go though!! Side note: I have never flown on a plane by myself. I am slightly scared. I am however going to get really into this. I will have my book ready for the plane, perhaps a good People magazine as well to keep up with the Kardashians. Also I will be "google-ing" every photo where L.C from the Hills was last seen, because it's about time we met up... Besides Maki is her biggest fan so she will want to see her too. Below I am incorporating one of the last photos taken of me and Maki which is ludicrous on so many levels, but this is my Freshman year of college at OSU, she came to visit me, and we snuck her into a football game 
(Blonde hair.. lets not talk about it)

Mak, I am so pumped to come spend time with you! It's the weekend after my graduation, and it will be high time for some beach action and belly laughs. Just don't get too attached to me while I am there, because unlike you, I love the North West. ;) 

Love and Redondo Beach


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