Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Come Find Me

This summer I am taking my senior capstone class "Sexual Assault on the College Campus." As depressing as that sounds... it is actually a topic I have worked with in the past at Oregon State where I was a peer advocate on my campus. Through this class I will be working with the Portland State Women's Resource Center social media sites and blog SheSheet
I will be posting on their blog continually throughout the term, so you can come find me over there if you would like! Even though the topics are much more real-world than my "up-in-the-clouds" kind of posts you are used to, I have been enjoying taking a more editorial approach to writing. I feel so professional, and I just know I would looooove doing this in "real life" for a career someday, God willing. I will try and keep you all up to date on this blog, but forgive me if I go a little while without posting, I am just taking my writing position more seriously as I am being graded for my blog posts now (something I am not used to).

Love and Future Careers


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