Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did I Tell You About the Time...

(This is the hair that literally fell off my head)

Story Time: (For those of you that know my parents... don't tell them. I'm waiting for the right moment)

So last night, I was getting together with my friend Georgia. I thought it would be a great idea to BBQ some chicken for us. I am telling you, I have used the grill before. No problems. However last night... I turned the gas on, step one. Step 2 I turned the burners on. Step 3 I pushed the ignite button. No light. I pushed it again no light. The third time I pushed the button the bbq burst out in a huge flame!! I was literally leaning over the grill waiting to see it ignite expecting a mild, MILD flame. WRONG! Flame in my FACE!! My hair burned, and it fell into my hands as I was running around freaking out! The flame was in my face, but my eyebrows, eye lashes did not burn. Just my bangs for the most part are ruined. I was not only in shock, but then my friend Georgia came over 2 seconds after it all happened, and I answer the door in hysterics telling her "Georgia I just burned my face." She thought I was kidding because clearly my face was not burned, but where hair once was... is no longer there. Talk about an unfortunate moment. Here is the silver lining: That day I was wearing my hair in a pony-tail, praise the Lord! As funny as it may sound, I know it was his provision. Had my hair been down last night, I would have had to chop my hair off like Halle Berry. Would not be my best look. I think that sometime in the future I will be able to laugh about this, and post photos of my burnt hair... but for now I think I am in mourning a little. As if any girl needs to be even more insecure in anyway. Goodness. Thank goodness Georgia came over though. She really helped me put it in perspective, and helped cut out all of the left over burnt pieces. Side note: It smelled soooo bad.
Summary: 1)  My parents left out of town, and the first night I burn myself. My dad even sent me a text earlier telling me not to burn the house down... well I did worse, MY PRECIOUS HAIR!!
2) My bangs are gone
3) I vow to never touch a bbq ever again unsupervised
4) I am seriously contemplating getting extensions to make myself feel better
5) Its ok if you are currently laughing at my somewhat miserable state, I probably would be laughing too

Love and Focusing on Worst Scenarios Than Last Night #havingtoshavemyhead


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