Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's a Springsteen 4th of July

Born in the U.S.A- Is not only a great song, but is also true of me, and is a great celebratory song for today! In one of my summer classes that started last week, we have been discussing the ways in which we personally were born into privilege. Honestly this was a topic that I have never considered thoughtfully before. I am privileged because I am white, because I was born in a Christian home, because my family are in the upper middle class of society, and for plenty of other reasons. I am also not privileged in some ways such as I was born female. But something I feel is one of the largest ways in which I am privileged is that I was born in the U.S.A. What a privilege to be born here, to be able to worship freely. To be able to choose our leaders, and decide how many children we want to have, and choose our profession. I was born into a country of freedom, and for this I am grateful. I pray this 4th finds you happy and healthy, and safe. I am off to lay in the sun for awhile before I head out to a friend's BBQ. Oh... and take a listen to some Springsteen that I so graciously linked for you below. 

Love and Fireworks


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