Friday, July 6, 2012

My Summer "Go-To's"

Wedges: What would I do without you wedges?? You are the perfect in-between look for me. I can pretend  that I know how to walk in heels when I wear wedges because there is so much more support. The wedge adds great height for my short legs and is a great shoe for the on-the-fence sassy but sweet look. Ladies don't hesitate to bust out the wedges with some skinny jeans, always a cute look!

The Classic Summer Dress: I just can't help my love for classic summer times dresses. When I am feeling cutesy and playful. Add either some cowboy boots or cute sandals to this dress and you are ready for a summer concert or a fun date night!

Aviators: The only sunglasses I will swear by. My face is too small for any other sunglasses, and these glasses go with casual or more dressy looks. Very versatile. 
The Maxi: So hot right now! Tuck it into a tank, tuck it into a V-neck. Great for days when you aren't feeling your skinniest, or for days when you just want to be casual. Always appropriate. 
The Baseball Hat: A great go-to-look when you don't have time to wash your hair, or just want to run some errands. Fun Fact: Boys love girls who can pull off the baseball hat look, so try it out! 
Hope you like my "go-to" looks. Gosh I love summertime! Hope you are all able to get some sun on your faces today!

Love and Summer-wear


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