Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Weekend of Weddings

Friday evening I was able to witness the marriage of Kenneth Ernst and Anna Edmonds. It was such a fun wedding set out in the country, and incredibly beautiful. This wedding was a wonderful blending of Oregon State U friends, and Western Oregon U friends. There was dancing and food and wine, and lots of laughter.
Saturday evening I was able to witness the marriage of an old dear friend of mine Stan Scriven, to Courtney Dalton and absolutely stunning bride.
And today I just got home from my friend Kristen's Bridal Shower.
This truly has been a wedding packed weekend, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I let a few tears stream down my cheek when I realized some things:
For those of you that know me well, you know that I am incredibly excited to one day be the girl in the white dress walking down the aisle holding my dad's arm. You also probably know how incredibly excited I am to be a mom. But today, as we sat at the party and listened to women who had been married 20+ years pour wisdom into the hearts of the younger women it hit me just the power we posses as women praying for our husbands now, and every day after we say "I do." It was so cool being able to pray over Kristen. Praying for Cassidy and his leadership. Praying for Kristen that she would be a woman who always respects and honors her husband, and that in return he would love her and lay down his life for her. I am so excited for Kristen and the adventure she has ahead, and I look so forward to when it will be my time. But now is the time for preparation on my part. To be praying now, today, to be preparing my heart, and to learn more and more what it means to lay my life down for someone as a servant. I am thankful for my friends who have gotten married before me, and for their wisdom.
Wedding tally for the rest of summer= 2 Wedding Receptions, and only 1 wedding left which is Adriana's! Almost done with wedding season, cannot believe how many friends are now married people! Blessings.

Love and Tis the Season


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