Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I took my mama to the airport this morning so she could go meet her hubby (dad) in Arizona. Their life is rough... In their defense my dad is technically working while in AZ, and they will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary which I must say I am durn proud of them for! But really I had it all planned out. Parents gone for a week= house to myself. = friends over EVERY night = I will not feel even slightly nervous about sleeping at night with no one here... not even Reggie (my pup) = I can leave clothes laying around and no one can tell me not to = I can dance in every room of the house if I wanted to = the best week EVER! Right? mmmmm... I'm starting to think not so much. I had a plan today to be suuuuuuper productive. After dropping mom off at 5 this morning, instead of going back to bed I went to Nike campus to run on the outdoor track. Great start to the day I must say. Came home to coffee, and decided to turn the TV on... poor choice. MTV was having a "retro MTV marathon" of  The Hills! What are they doing to me?? Any ounce of productivity I had, went out the window. As I sit an type to you all, I am 3 episodes in, sitting in my PSU Vikings sweat pants with blow dried hair on the couch with no makeup on and only 3 hours until I need to be at work. What I still need to get done today:
- Finish getting ready
- Read a chapter in my book for Comm 410
- Write a reflection for my capstone class
- Mail my cousin her jacket and sandals
- Wake up
- Google the distance of the outdoor track at Nike so I know how many miles I ran this morning
- Get a life.

That about sums it up. I hope this post finds you much  more productive than I am being. Excited to hang out with my friend Georgia after work tonight, that should be my motivation to do work.
Until next time...

(Ma and Pa... Happy 28th Anniversary!)

Love and Being a Couch Potatoe


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