Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the Words of Luke

Luke 12:22- 34

Such great scripture, and such a purposeful message for me to wake up and read this morning. How often I find myself mulling over, stressing over, worrying over things such as: school, my job, my future career, and many other things that I lose sight of the One protecting me. I lose sight of all the ways I have been provided for, and the ways I have been taken care of. I think it's a control issue, that I need to surrender. If I am worrying over it, that means I think I have some sort of control over the situation or the outcome when in reality I don't want to be the dictator of my results, I want Christ to be. When did I become such a control freak?
Sometimes I find myself stressing over the to-do list of the day as well, that I either choose not to spend time in communion with the Lord, or I rush through it to move onto the next thing. So when I woke up and read my devotion for the day it said, "Demonstrate your trust in Me, by sitting quietly in My presence. Put aside all that is waiting to be done, and refuse to worry about anything." -Jesus Calling.
This is a passage in the book of Luke, that I need to live by on a daily basis. This is something I struggle with, and I need to be better about surrendering my worries and my attitude.
Do you struggle with this too? I think this is a great passage to commit to memory too, so that I can be reminded, and that I can be an encouragement to those around me.
So today friends, lets live in freedom knowing that the Lord is our provider, and that ultimately that is what matters.

Love and Surrender


Monday, August 27, 2012

My Weekend By the Ocean

Well according to Instagram, I had alot of fun in Los Angeles with Miss Makita. And I feel like Instagram was pretty right. I really had such a perfect weekend away in the sunshine and at the Beach.

Thursday Night when my flight landed Maki and I went to Bupita's for some authentic mexican food, came home and crashed early to get an early start on our Friday.

Friday I woke up around 7 and went for a run along the boardwalk, sat on the beach and got to have some time with Jesus. After that Mak and I went shopping in downtown LA at this seriously sketchy place with alley ways full of great deals, but I think in reality I came out on top. (Check Instagram photo below) From shopping we went to lay on the beach for a little, and then went home and made dinner, watched a movie, and got ready to go to a local bar in town for a drink. Such a fun day.

Saturday we should have slept in a little, but we didn't. We finally got up and around and went and grabbed breakfast from this bomb spot in Hermosa called "Scotties." From there we went home put on our swimsuits and headed for the beach. Today was the perfect beach day. Hot sun, few clouds and a cool breeze. I even got to spend awhile just swimming in the ocean which is probably in my top 5 favorite things to do even though Oregon hates me and won't let that happen often. After we layed out in the sun for awhile I went for a run, and then jumped in the ocean in my running gear because I knew it was my last opportunity to do so.

I think the weirdest thing about California for me is this concept of a double bind, where I am receiving two conflicting messages constantly. It can be kind of exhausting. On the one hand I love southern California, with the fashion, the tan, the beaches, the lifestyle. But as a woman especially it is so easy to get wrapped up quick in what you look like, and how you compare to other people. California is full of beauty but I think it promotes a narcissistic outlook on life. I found myself degrading myself, and not feeling good about myself when having those thoughts is such a waste of time. I love Oregon for alot of reasons, but a major one for me is that Portland isn't obsessed with materialism in the same ways California is. There is consumerism and materialism everywhere you go, but I think Cali is maybe on the more extreme end. In another life perhaps I would have been a beach bum. The kind that lives in a dump of an apartment, and wakes up every morning to surf. There is so much excitement for me to watch the surfers coming in from their morning ride at 7 am when I am just leaving for the boardwalk to go for a run. Cali I will never give up on you, and I hold you in my heart, but I think that the older I get the more I need to stop pretending that the North West isn't where I am supposed to be, when my soul feels at so much ease when I touched down back in Portland. 

It was truly such a fun weekend to see one of my dear friends, and I just love out ability to laugh together and make each other smile. Maki has one of the kindest hearts, and such a love and understanding for other people that I feel inspired by her. I just wish she would move her butt back to Oregon. Love you Sisterpants, thanks for letting me crash on your weekend. 

Love and Back to the Daily Grind


Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Going to Cali for a Bit... But I'll Be Back

Graduation was such a great weekend, but the fun is only going to continue. I am writing to you from the airport about to board my flight to Los Angeles. I am going to visit my dear friend Maki for the weekend. I'm excited to relax, and take a couple days to just be, and run on the beach and spend time with Mak.

Today has been great though, my dad took me to lunch today- just a great dad/daughter date, and then Michael came and picked me up, we got coffee and said goodbye as he dropped me at the airport. What a good boyfriend he is, taking me to the airport. Just the classic goodbye as the girlfriend gets on the plane. Remember when I wrote a little while back about the Romance of the Airport? I talked about how I am always the one picking people up or dropping people off, I am never the one getting on the plane. Well today I was the one being dropped off. Might seem rudimentary to you, but I couldn't be more thrilled! I even have little butterflies in my stomach because I get kind of nervous flying. I have with me the second book in the series of the Hunger Games, "Catching Fire," can't wait to stick my nose in that, I'm sure I will be in LA before I know it.

So here I go, on to the airplane and headed to Redondo Beach for some sunshine and relaxation. See you all when I get back!

 (I will find you LC)
(You too Kourt)

Love and Stalking the Kardashians


Monday, August 20, 2012

The One Where I Graduated From College

Well friends, I did it!! I walked in the Portland State University ceremony on Saturday. It was such a surreal day celebrating ME and my accomplishments. I thought the day would never come, but I persevered! 4 years spent at Oregon State University having the time of my life with my best friends. I learned so much about myself from the dorms to my first apartment with Adriana, to my house off Kings with my dear friends. Then finally to Portland State where I learned alot about myself as an academic. PSU is where I began to believe in myself, and I started to see a future as a career woman. I vow to never forget my OSU roots, but I have to admit I am proud to be Viking Alumni!

What a blessed girl I am to have had all my friends and family support me through these years, so if you are reading this, I am sure you have had some impact upon my life and for you I am grateful!

So what now you ask? I have 3 classes to finish up Fall term, that I am actually excited about. Fall term is my favorite of all, and so I am ending my season of college on a good note. Once December hits, I will hopefully take off running with applying for internships and looking for jobs with Nike. Please if you think to pray for the upcoming months I have, and for the Lord's guidance of where I should be career wise. I am so excited for what is next, and for a new season as a working woman, and no longer a student as scary as that is at the same time. Here are some pictures from this weekend, I hope you enjoy!

Love and Diplomas 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forgetting Solitude

So I'm a Communications Major at PSU right? Well this summer I am taking a class about media literacy and how that relates to me as a communicator. In a book I just finished reading titled, "The Digital Divide," an author by the name William Deresiewicz argues that in our digitally based culture we have reached the utter end of solitude. "So we live exclusively in relation to others, and what disappears from our lives is solitude" (Deresiewicz, 2011).

I was sitting on a set of stairs in the middle of campus yesterday before my class contemplating this idea, that culturally we as a large group struggle with being alone. I sat and tried to debate with myself, seeing where I stood with the issue.

On the one hand I love time to myself to read, write and reflect. I especially need this time to re-charge my battery so-to-speak and I need this when I am spending time with the Lord. Worship in solitude is one of my favorite things. Just him and I. But when I'm with Jesus always... am I ever truly in solitude?

I started thinking about the other side of the debate. My initial thought was that I do absolutely love solitude, but I also find myself going straight for my phone when I'm done being in solitude. It;s the idea that I missed something while I was gone, so I better check my updates. Do you do this too? Am I alone here? Yesterday even as I sat and prepared for my next class I was in the middle of a texting conversation with someone. It is hard to disconnect sometimes. With our constant need to stay connected are we losing out on basic needs such as solitude? Do you spend time in solitude often? Tell me your tricks! Perhaps I should turn my phone off more often. Maybe we should spend more time in solitude than we do trying to constantly stay connected.

Love and Solitude