Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forgetting Solitude

So I'm a Communications Major at PSU right? Well this summer I am taking a class about media literacy and how that relates to me as a communicator. In a book I just finished reading titled, "The Digital Divide," an author by the name William Deresiewicz argues that in our digitally based culture we have reached the utter end of solitude. "So we live exclusively in relation to others, and what disappears from our lives is solitude" (Deresiewicz, 2011).

I was sitting on a set of stairs in the middle of campus yesterday before my class contemplating this idea, that culturally we as a large group struggle with being alone. I sat and tried to debate with myself, seeing where I stood with the issue.

On the one hand I love time to myself to read, write and reflect. I especially need this time to re-charge my battery so-to-speak and I need this when I am spending time with the Lord. Worship in solitude is one of my favorite things. Just him and I. But when I'm with Jesus always... am I ever truly in solitude?

I started thinking about the other side of the debate. My initial thought was that I do absolutely love solitude, but I also find myself going straight for my phone when I'm done being in solitude. It;s the idea that I missed something while I was gone, so I better check my updates. Do you do this too? Am I alone here? Yesterday even as I sat and prepared for my next class I was in the middle of a texting conversation with someone. It is hard to disconnect sometimes. With our constant need to stay connected are we losing out on basic needs such as solitude? Do you spend time in solitude often? Tell me your tricks! Perhaps I should turn my phone off more often. Maybe we should spend more time in solitude than we do trying to constantly stay connected.

Love and Solitude


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