Monday, August 27, 2012

My Weekend By the Ocean

Well according to Instagram, I had alot of fun in Los Angeles with Miss Makita. And I feel like Instagram was pretty right. I really had such a perfect weekend away in the sunshine and at the Beach.

Thursday Night when my flight landed Maki and I went to Bupita's for some authentic mexican food, came home and crashed early to get an early start on our Friday.

Friday I woke up around 7 and went for a run along the boardwalk, sat on the beach and got to have some time with Jesus. After that Mak and I went shopping in downtown LA at this seriously sketchy place with alley ways full of great deals, but I think in reality I came out on top. (Check Instagram photo below) From shopping we went to lay on the beach for a little, and then went home and made dinner, watched a movie, and got ready to go to a local bar in town for a drink. Such a fun day.

Saturday we should have slept in a little, but we didn't. We finally got up and around and went and grabbed breakfast from this bomb spot in Hermosa called "Scotties." From there we went home put on our swimsuits and headed for the beach. Today was the perfect beach day. Hot sun, few clouds and a cool breeze. I even got to spend awhile just swimming in the ocean which is probably in my top 5 favorite things to do even though Oregon hates me and won't let that happen often. After we layed out in the sun for awhile I went for a run, and then jumped in the ocean in my running gear because I knew it was my last opportunity to do so.

I think the weirdest thing about California for me is this concept of a double bind, where I am receiving two conflicting messages constantly. It can be kind of exhausting. On the one hand I love southern California, with the fashion, the tan, the beaches, the lifestyle. But as a woman especially it is so easy to get wrapped up quick in what you look like, and how you compare to other people. California is full of beauty but I think it promotes a narcissistic outlook on life. I found myself degrading myself, and not feeling good about myself when having those thoughts is such a waste of time. I love Oregon for alot of reasons, but a major one for me is that Portland isn't obsessed with materialism in the same ways California is. There is consumerism and materialism everywhere you go, but I think Cali is maybe on the more extreme end. In another life perhaps I would have been a beach bum. The kind that lives in a dump of an apartment, and wakes up every morning to surf. There is so much excitement for me to watch the surfers coming in from their morning ride at 7 am when I am just leaving for the boardwalk to go for a run. Cali I will never give up on you, and I hold you in my heart, but I think that the older I get the more I need to stop pretending that the North West isn't where I am supposed to be, when my soul feels at so much ease when I touched down back in Portland. 

It was truly such a fun weekend to see one of my dear friends, and I just love out ability to laugh together and make each other smile. Maki has one of the kindest hearts, and such a love and understanding for other people that I feel inspired by her. I just wish she would move her butt back to Oregon. Love you Sisterpants, thanks for letting me crash on your weekend. 

Love and Back to the Daily Grind


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