Friday, September 21, 2012

Okay Fall Time, I'm Ready Now

It's coming! The fall is coming for us! It has been a slow process, with the sun shining everyday it felt like an extended summer. But did you know that the fall is my favorite time of the year? I just think that Pinterest was first invented for the fall. The pumpkin recipes, the outfits that come forth are all so much fun in the fall. I had my first pumpkin spice late from SBucks the other morning, and I'm not certain this is possible but I'm pretty sure my heart was smiling. I didn't get to experience much of summer until September because I was in school so the sunshine was very much welcomed on my part. But now with my last and final term in college beginning this coming Monday I am feeling an overwhelming sense of encouragement for the leaves to turn colors. I'm ready for those chilly, bundled up early morning runs in the dark. I am ready for my leggings, boots and scarves to be displayed. I also just think it's high time I really get into my baking this fall. Anything and everything pumpkin I pin on Pinterest, I want to put in my oven. Plus my boyfriend has a bunch of great roommates that I can practice my skills on. Haha...lucky guys? Well this weekend I will work, but I will also be preparing for classes and with this, I like to make a list of the things I am excited for in the upcoming final term of my college career! So here it goes:

-My nephew Malachi could come at anytime now!!!!!!!! So excited to be an auntie, and hold that little handsome man in my arms. Rock him to sleep, sing over him, pray over him. He has no idea how much he already means to me!
- Discipleship with a woman from my church. I just sit and my pen never stops writing, she is so full of wisdom, my goodness.
- Outfits and Recipes! (What a girl thing to say)
- I am excited for classes, even though I complain about school and the time it takes up, I really do love being a student.
- HOOD RIVER!! Family vacation day, football game, pumpkin patch, lunch out. Such an amazing day, so excited for Michael to come and be apart of it this year.
- Halloween. I love Halloween, so sue me. It is fun! I love having reasons to watch scary movies.
-Football, love watching football, especially on lazy Sunday afternoons.

This is what I have so far, I'm sure I'm missing some things, but you should try making a list of the things you are excited for! Helps you count your blessings. I pray this Friday you find joy in all you do, and remember who you are serving today. I will try my best to remember this as I head into work in an hour.

Love and Autumn


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