Thursday, September 20, 2012

The One Where She Became Mrs. Derrah

It is my great pleasure to announce to you that my best friend Adriana now holds the title of Mrs. Derrah, wife, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, ball and chain, The Misses, the homemaker.
Last Saturday the 15th, was Adriana and Ryan's Wedding out at a private property in Willsonville. Can I just tell you of the beauty I witnessed that day? I saw the beauty of her parents as they doted on Adriana, making her dream wedding a reality. I saw the way Adriana's father walked outside to see his baby girl in her wedding gown for the first time, break down in tears and hid his face because he couldn't keep his emotions together. I saw the way the flower girls stared at Adriana in complete awe, at the beauty we all knew she possessed. I saw Adriana walk toward me right after her gown had been tied up and I never felt so special as she made it a point to hug me before she left. With tears in both our eyes, I had the honor to look right at her, and tell her with the most sincerity I have ever held in my words how stunning this young woman was before me. I knew she would look beautiful, but not THIS beautiful. God created her with such beauty that I was brought to tears! Only the good Lord knows how Ryan felt when he first saw his Bride-to-be. This wedding was beautiful. The Bridesmaids were all so pretty, and the groomsmen so handsome. The wedding site was rustic, natural, and God's perfect gift of true artistry. This wedding pointed to God's artistry in every nook and cranny of the site. But I think the most beautiful moment for me, was when the Bridesmaids and I prayed over Adriana.We  prayed blessing and provision over the next moments, and over the next years of their marriage. I softly rested my face on her back when we got to hear the other bridesmaids speak of the ways Adriana has been used to show them God's mercy and His grace. It was then in those moments, when I knew Adriana had never been so beautiful. I lost it. I Katie Moon, was crying like a baby girl. I will never forget that day, but I will certainly never forget those precious minutes when Adriana has never been so beautiful
Here are some photos from the day that I wasn't able to get up on social media, please enjoy.

(We had to take some breaks while we set up to keep our sanity)

(Rehearsal Dinner... she's perfect)

(My boo and I at the rehearsal dinner)

(A limo picked us up in the morning to take us to the wedding site. #Royalty)

(As she was walking out to have a "first-look" with her dad)

(Cough Cough... Maid Of Honor)

(We kind of felt like dolls with all that makeup on...)

(After formal pictures, before the ceremony, getting some laughs in)

Can't wait to see how the Lord will use these two as one! They have already impacted so many, and I am truly blessed to have both of these people in my life. I have loved being roommates with you Adriana, and you truly are my best friend. Love you with all my heart. You are beauty. 

Love and Announcing The Derrah's!!


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