Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

In light of Halloween I started thinking about the basis of this Holiday. The basis of Halloween is about dressing up, and pretending you are someone you are not for a day. Nothing wrong with this necessarily. However I started thinking about the ways that I choose to "be someone I am not." In what may seem like small ways, I will share with you something I think alot of women struggle with, and a struggle I know I personally deal with. 

Beauty: the desire to be beautiful. To work out. To eat healthy. To know how to apply makeup well and to have the kind that looks best on your skin. To buy the perfect mascara, and apply fake eye lashes.To know how to do your hair. We dye our hair. We cut our hair. We watch hundreds of tutorials on how to curl our hair or how to keep it healthy. We go on Pinterest to stay up to date with the fashion trends. We buy the latest and greatest everything so we look our best always. But this goes hand in hand with the teaching from last Sunday (@Solid Rock) about being content. Is it in women's nature or human nature to always try and look our best? Is it bad that I wake up every day and get ready and desire to look beautiful? I suppose it's ok as long as it is not an idol. It's just hard being a woman in the sense that we or I am always comparing myself to beautiful women. I even have a boyfriend who tells me every day... I'm not kidding every day that i am beautiful. He is amazing. But I still find myself looking in the mirror from time and time and thinking " oh gross". I know that sounds harsh but do you feel this way ever? I don't feel this way all the time. I just think its a tricky issue we as women deal with. Having self confidence in the way we look but not letting that manifest into pride. I even find myself having a "mean girls moment" when or if someone compliments me and I say thank you, it's as if I am agreeing with them and that means I am prideful about the way I look. I just find myself sometimes obsessing over photos I see of women like Emily Maynard (from the bachelorette). I see these beautiful pictures of her and I quickly find myself picking myself apart because I do not look like her. But do you do this too? I try and fight it but its not easy. I know where my worth is and who it is with in the Lord but we all struggle. This is one of my struggles. Why do we try so hard to be other people when God created us all so uniquely and with such a beautiful design. All of us. I am struggling with finding contentment in the way I look. Constantly wanting to dye my hair, learn how to curl it differently, and buy the cutest boots for the season. Nothing wrong with these things either, but I want to be careful, and I want to find contentment in who God has made me to be! I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Maybe other people struggle with this as well? 

This is my ode to Halloween. May you have a happy one: keep the outfits classy and conservative, enjoy some chocolate and curl up with a scary movie! 

Love and Happy Haunting


Thursday, October 25, 2012


Have you ever run into someone you haven't seen in awhile? Or someone is on your mind and you can't for the life of you figure out why? I do not believe in coincidences. I believe that the Lord places people in your life at times when perhaps they need the most prayer. I saw an old friend of mine at a coffee shop yesterday as I was working on one of the last papers I will ever write in my college career. It was so great seeing her, and it just reminded me of the Lord's divinity and how I need to be more obedient about praying for friends of mine. I am learning that I need to be more intentional about prayer. I am learning that prayer really does matter, and that it is one of the ways you can draw so near to the Lord, and a way your burdens are lifted. I so badly want to be a woman who's first reaction is to pray in any and every circumstance. That people would think of me as a woman who prays, and trusts my word when i say, " I will be praying for you."

Will you join me in this journey to pray more? To be men and women who turn to prayer when your life is filled with blessings, and in times when you need help weathering a storm. In times when you are frustrated or saddened by things your co-workers say, will you pray for them? When people pop into your mind "at random," will you stop, take a second and pray for them? I will be trying hard to do this. For those of you that know me well, help me with this. Please encourage me in this.

Love and Prayer

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oreo Popcorn- Here's How

A fun treat that is easy to make, and practically everyone will love! I made it for this weekend, and it is a gift that keeps on giving (being that I snack on it every day...) The treat is called "Oreo Popcorn." However you could interchange the Oreo's for any candy really or cookie. I think next time I make it, I will make "Heath Popcorn," because I loooove Heath bars. But I do think this little treat is a great one to take to friend's parties, and it's fun to be able to say you made it yourself rather than bought something (which there is nothing wrong with store bought goods, but I am figuring out that home baking is so fulfilling).

3/4 cup Yellow kernels  
1 Bag Vanilla Chips
12 Oreo Cookies 

 Crush the Oreos in a big baggy til fine

 I popped my own kernels rather than using a bag of kettle corn because its healthier. But you could use a bag of kettle corn 

 Pour entire bag of vanilla chips into a microwavable dish of some sort

 Heat in microwave until creamy and smooth

 Pour Crushed Oreos into a big bowl with dry popcorn. Begin pouring melted vanilla on top of the popcorn and begin mixing all together with a giant spatula. Continue until all of the vanilla is in the bown
**Make sure there are no left over kernels in the bowl because it would not be fun to bite down on one!

Once they are all mixed, pour out onto wax paper to let dry. Once it is cooled immediately place in containers so the popcorn does not go stale. 

So remember: Maybe Oreo isn't your favorite, but you could change the oreo to crushed M&M's or to graham cracker, or cereal. Just something you would think would taste good. You can also use a different "chip." If you are more of a chocolate lover, then melt chocolate chips. Get creative! Isn't fall fun for baking?? Oh also keep the recipe in mind for Christmas parties, because you could use peppermint instead of Oreo, and that would be so good! Or you could get Mint Oreo's! Make it your own but let me know if you use this recipe, I want to know what you think!!

Love and Baking


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hood River 2012

The Moon family Hood River trip this year was so fun, and so different with a baby on board and a boyfriend. The car was packed, and the rain was coming down, but it still was such a fun day to celebrate harvest, and to celebrate my dad! Short post today, but I hope you enjoy all of the pictures. Oh and go to Hood River... like right now. It is so beautiful and full of fun little shops. And also I got so excited when Michael and I went to grab a coffee at this cute little shop and I saw a sign for a "Hoe Down" A Hoe Down with bull riding, line dancing, the whole 9 yards. It started the day we got into town and Michael said my face lit up when I saw the sign for it... but we couldn't go. If we had taken a separate car then maybe, but we were all sardines in one car. Hope your day is full of blessings. 

Love and Harvest

Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Can Call Me Betty Crocker If You Want To

This morning has been such a delight so far. I woke up early and went for a chilly morning run. I came home took a shower and my cutie pa-tootie boyfriend Michael came over for coffee. We both realized that we are so busy during our days that we rarely get to see each other in the day light, which sounds so silly but it is true. This week he is on "stay-cation." That means he has mornings, afternoons and evenings free for the most part. My week is still just as busy but my classes were cancelled for the day so it was the perfect day to have my boo over for a coffee date. It is so wonderful to date someone you have been friends with for years. The ease of communication, and the ability to be honest and real with that person is like nothing I have experienced before. So blessed by a man that can listen and provide advice that I know is supportive and biblically based.
As of late I have been trying to win him over through his stomach. It has been a challenge of mine to bake at least one thing every week. A new recipe. I am working hard on my baking/ cooking skills. The first week I made homemade cinnamon rolls. The second week was Pumpkin cookies. Today I made pumpkin muffins but these were from a box from Trader Joes. I highly recommend you go out TODAY and get this mix. It is so easy, you just add water, oil and eggs and they bake for 18 minutes. Michael and I were talking today about how baking is such a wonderful way to bless people. I'm pretty sure everyone appreciates home baked goods. What a wonderful way to invite people into your most personal space (your home) and just pour out love on your neighbors or whoever.
It has been such a relaxing fun morning, and I am off to work in just a little while, and then time for some good old fashioned line dancing this evening with one of my most favorite married ladies... Mrs. Adriana Derrah. Please let me know if you need any good recipes, especially for the fall!

 (Pumpkin Cookies half with cream cheese frosting, half without)

(Pumpkin Muffins)

Michael told me today that he is going to start calling me Betty Crocker, so hence the inspiration for this blog. Enjoy the beauty God created today, and go share a muffin with a neighbor!

Love and Betty Crocker


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So I Got Bored...

I re-did the layout on my blog today. I had fun with it, but I also went the minimalist route. I really think I am a minimalist when it comes to decor, so I felt this new layout fit me well! But to go along with my feelings of boredom in class I have posted below a few pictures of things I would rather be doing...

 (snuggling with these boys)

(no caption...)

(Playing with this puppy)

(Playing my Guitar


Hope you enjoy the new layout, and are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Love and Remodels


Monday, October 8, 2012

Bold Lips

I was on my friend Sarah's blog (who just had her baby boy Greyer!!) and saw a post about a cute way to curl your hair. So I of course clicked on that link and then thanks to youtube, started clicking on a bunch of other links by the same girl on different hair and makeup tutorials.
High school was when I was first allowed to wear makeup (thanks alot mom for those awkward middle school years where EVERY ONE else was wearing makeup but me!!). But lipstick was never something I understood about makeup. I didn't know how to apply it, what color looked good on me and I hated getting it on my teeth. I also just never thought it looked good on me. I was way too obsessed with eye liner to care about my lips. Well my new favorite accessory is lip-stick. A pretty bold lip really brings out your eyes, and I didn't know this back then. But I am learning, and I love to watch tutorials from other women to gain more knowledge about it. So here is a fun one I found. The girls are kinda goofy, but they know their makeup. It's by Michelle Money. I thought it was fun.
But also here is a photo from last night at the Carrie Underwood concert and my bold lip choice (Revlon Lip Butter "Cherry Tart"). It feels like you are just wearing chap-stick, but you're not.... I love it.

(I was going for the sassy look, but I just look angry. I apologize)

And just because I know you are all dying to know what I wore last night... I went with a basic red tank top with my high-wasted jeans and cowboy boots underneath. I forgot to take a picture of just my outfit. Honest moment** I dislike taking photos by myself. I guess I feel like its arrogant of me to do so. But I  love seeing other girls outfits when they do, and I never think they are arrogant. I'm just weird. I should have just taken a picture of my outfit. ha. Next time I go to the Carrie concert I will...

Enjoy the last few days we have of beautiful fall weather my friends, and never be afraid to rock the bold lipstick. You just have to go try on a few that will go with your skin color and make your eyes pop! 

Love and Lipstick


Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Better Take It From Me

So did I tell you that I'm going to the Carrie Underwood concert tomorrow night?! My friends, I am so excited. My friend Mel texted me on Monday (the day Malachi was born) asking me if I had plans on Sunday night and if I would want to go for free to the concert. These kinds of moments are the moments when I realize that my life isn't some big joke. That random acts of kindness happen to me just like everyone else. So mini recap, my nephew was born this day, AND I was asked to go to the concert with my friend. Great Day. Grrrrrreat Day. Sometimes I like to channel my "Carrie" especially when I am at Bushwhackers dancing to "Cowboy Casanova." So sassy, but elegant. Does that even make an ounce of sense? She's beautiful. Oh and did I tell you that Hunter Hayes is opening for her?? Goshhhh I am so excited! Already planning my outfit. I promise to post pictures, because I know you guys care ALOT about what I wear (kidding).

I gathered some photos of Carrie for inspiration for tomorrow night. 

What a babe! 

K, off to work but take it from me... you should all have restful Saturdays enjoying the beautiful fall weather we have been so blessed with. Go rake some leaves, and jump in the pile. Go for a walk. Go get a pumpkin spice late from SBucks with your favorite person, and hold hands while you drink it. Definitely catch The Beavs beating Washington State to continue their winning streak. Go for a run and earn your Fuel points (shameless Nike plug).  Essentially do all the things I wish I could do if I didn't have to work. 

Love and Channeling My Carrie


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Date Night

Aren't date nights fun? I am personally a big fan of the lazy stay-at-home evenings, where I go over to Michael's in my sweat pants or my Nike gear and we just watch a movie or go for a walk. But date nights are important. It's my chance to put on a slightly more sassy outfit, put on a little red lipstick, and feel pretty for my guy. Michael picks me up, smelling nice and looking handsome (although he is always this way) opens the car door for me and away we go. Sometimes to a movie, sometimes to dinner, sometimes simply for a glass of wine. Date nights are special, and so I get excited about what I will wear. Gosh I am such a girllllllll. So Pinterest has helped me put together a few cute ones, that I will adjust slightly to fit my wardrobe. I am also including a couple pics from our past date nights.

Don't you love being inspired?! Thanks Pinterest. Excited for the next date night with my babe. I have a few outfits just waiting...

Love and Date Nights


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get To Know Me

So my nephew Malachi Moon was born yesterday October 1st, and until I can get some real good pictures, I am going to wait to post about him. I will tell you that you might not want to view the photos, because it will make you think twice about having children. What I mean by that is, my nephew is so good looking that you all might be a little discouraged in knowing no child after this little man will ever compare. If you are ok with that, then please proceed. (jokes, just jokes... but seriously...) So in the mean time I thought I would just do a quick post being that I had a lot of time on my hands in the waiting room. Pictures of my nephew to come I promise!! 

My first memory is... probably from my second birthday with the Denneys (our family friends). But sometimes I'm not sure if I just remember them from the home videos I've seen or not. 

My first love was... my daddy. 

The first time I really felt like a "grown-up" was when... My parents came with me to Oregon State to set up my dorm room. They hugged me goodbye and it was just me and my roommate in the room. I knew things would be different from that moment on. 

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is... Go over my calendar of the days' events, and then most likely head down stairs to make coffee. 

The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc...) I ever bought was... I ever bought was probably N'Sync. The first CD I ever received was Backstreet Boys for Christmas. I think it was m favorite gift that year. 

My first car was... My brother's hand-me-down manual 2-door Chevy Cavalier. 

My favorite thing about myself is... my ability to make light of situations. To laugh. And I like my nose. haha

My most favorite person in all the world is... Danielle Wells. She is my very best friend, and I have walked through alot of life with her. She knows me better than anyone else. The laughter I have with her is unlike any I share with another person. She is the closest thing I have to a sister, and I love her with such an unconditional love. If you don't know her, you should meet her. She's my favorite. 

The best cure for a bad day is... dancing. Singing musicals in your bathroom. A dog. Getting your nails done. Dressing up and feeling pretty. Going for a run. Counting your blessings.