Monday, October 8, 2012

Bold Lips

I was on my friend Sarah's blog (who just had her baby boy Greyer!!) and saw a post about a cute way to curl your hair. So I of course clicked on that link and then thanks to youtube, started clicking on a bunch of other links by the same girl on different hair and makeup tutorials.
High school was when I was first allowed to wear makeup (thanks alot mom for those awkward middle school years where EVERY ONE else was wearing makeup but me!!). But lipstick was never something I understood about makeup. I didn't know how to apply it, what color looked good on me and I hated getting it on my teeth. I also just never thought it looked good on me. I was way too obsessed with eye liner to care about my lips. Well my new favorite accessory is lip-stick. A pretty bold lip really brings out your eyes, and I didn't know this back then. But I am learning, and I love to watch tutorials from other women to gain more knowledge about it. So here is a fun one I found. The girls are kinda goofy, but they know their makeup. It's by Michelle Money. I thought it was fun.
But also here is a photo from last night at the Carrie Underwood concert and my bold lip choice (Revlon Lip Butter "Cherry Tart"). It feels like you are just wearing chap-stick, but you're not.... I love it.

(I was going for the sassy look, but I just look angry. I apologize)

And just because I know you are all dying to know what I wore last night... I went with a basic red tank top with my high-wasted jeans and cowboy boots underneath. I forgot to take a picture of just my outfit. Honest moment** I dislike taking photos by myself. I guess I feel like its arrogant of me to do so. But I  love seeing other girls outfits when they do, and I never think they are arrogant. I'm just weird. I should have just taken a picture of my outfit. ha. Next time I go to the Carrie concert I will...

Enjoy the last few days we have of beautiful fall weather my friends, and never be afraid to rock the bold lipstick. You just have to go try on a few that will go with your skin color and make your eyes pop! 

Love and Lipstick


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