Thursday, October 4, 2012

Date Night

Aren't date nights fun? I am personally a big fan of the lazy stay-at-home evenings, where I go over to Michael's in my sweat pants or my Nike gear and we just watch a movie or go for a walk. But date nights are important. It's my chance to put on a slightly more sassy outfit, put on a little red lipstick, and feel pretty for my guy. Michael picks me up, smelling nice and looking handsome (although he is always this way) opens the car door for me and away we go. Sometimes to a movie, sometimes to dinner, sometimes simply for a glass of wine. Date nights are special, and so I get excited about what I will wear. Gosh I am such a girllllllll. So Pinterest has helped me put together a few cute ones, that I will adjust slightly to fit my wardrobe. I am also including a couple pics from our past date nights.

Don't you love being inspired?! Thanks Pinterest. Excited for the next date night with my babe. I have a few outfits just waiting...

Love and Date Nights


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