Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

In light of Halloween I started thinking about the basis of this Holiday. The basis of Halloween is about dressing up, and pretending you are someone you are not for a day. Nothing wrong with this necessarily. However I started thinking about the ways that I choose to "be someone I am not." In what may seem like small ways, I will share with you something I think alot of women struggle with, and a struggle I know I personally deal with. 

Beauty: the desire to be beautiful. To work out. To eat healthy. To know how to apply makeup well and to have the kind that looks best on your skin. To buy the perfect mascara, and apply fake eye lashes.To know how to do your hair. We dye our hair. We cut our hair. We watch hundreds of tutorials on how to curl our hair or how to keep it healthy. We go on Pinterest to stay up to date with the fashion trends. We buy the latest and greatest everything so we look our best always. But this goes hand in hand with the teaching from last Sunday (@Solid Rock) about being content. Is it in women's nature or human nature to always try and look our best? Is it bad that I wake up every day and get ready and desire to look beautiful? I suppose it's ok as long as it is not an idol. It's just hard being a woman in the sense that we or I am always comparing myself to beautiful women. I even have a boyfriend who tells me every day... I'm not kidding every day that i am beautiful. He is amazing. But I still find myself looking in the mirror from time and time and thinking " oh gross". I know that sounds harsh but do you feel this way ever? I don't feel this way all the time. I just think its a tricky issue we as women deal with. Having self confidence in the way we look but not letting that manifest into pride. I even find myself having a "mean girls moment" when or if someone compliments me and I say thank you, it's as if I am agreeing with them and that means I am prideful about the way I look. I just find myself sometimes obsessing over photos I see of women like Emily Maynard (from the bachelorette). I see these beautiful pictures of her and I quickly find myself picking myself apart because I do not look like her. But do you do this too? I try and fight it but its not easy. I know where my worth is and who it is with in the Lord but we all struggle. This is one of my struggles. Why do we try so hard to be other people when God created us all so uniquely and with such a beautiful design. All of us. I am struggling with finding contentment in the way I look. Constantly wanting to dye my hair, learn how to curl it differently, and buy the cutest boots for the season. Nothing wrong with these things either, but I want to be careful, and I want to find contentment in who God has made me to be! I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Maybe other people struggle with this as well? 

This is my ode to Halloween. May you have a happy one: keep the outfits classy and conservative, enjoy some chocolate and curl up with a scary movie! 

Love and Happy Haunting


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