Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oreo Popcorn- Here's How

A fun treat that is easy to make, and practically everyone will love! I made it for this weekend, and it is a gift that keeps on giving (being that I snack on it every day...) The treat is called "Oreo Popcorn." However you could interchange the Oreo's for any candy really or cookie. I think next time I make it, I will make "Heath Popcorn," because I loooove Heath bars. But I do think this little treat is a great one to take to friend's parties, and it's fun to be able to say you made it yourself rather than bought something (which there is nothing wrong with store bought goods, but I am figuring out that home baking is so fulfilling).

3/4 cup Yellow kernels  
1 Bag Vanilla Chips
12 Oreo Cookies 

 Crush the Oreos in a big baggy til fine

 I popped my own kernels rather than using a bag of kettle corn because its healthier. But you could use a bag of kettle corn 

 Pour entire bag of vanilla chips into a microwavable dish of some sort

 Heat in microwave until creamy and smooth

 Pour Crushed Oreos into a big bowl with dry popcorn. Begin pouring melted vanilla on top of the popcorn and begin mixing all together with a giant spatula. Continue until all of the vanilla is in the bown
**Make sure there are no left over kernels in the bowl because it would not be fun to bite down on one!

Once they are all mixed, pour out onto wax paper to let dry. Once it is cooled immediately place in containers so the popcorn does not go stale. 

So remember: Maybe Oreo isn't your favorite, but you could change the oreo to crushed M&M's or to graham cracker, or cereal. Just something you would think would taste good. You can also use a different "chip." If you are more of a chocolate lover, then melt chocolate chips. Get creative! Isn't fall fun for baking?? Oh also keep the recipe in mind for Christmas parties, because you could use peppermint instead of Oreo, and that would be so good! Or you could get Mint Oreo's! Make it your own but let me know if you use this recipe, I want to know what you think!!

Love and Baking


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