Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Can Call Me Betty Crocker If You Want To

This morning has been such a delight so far. I woke up early and went for a chilly morning run. I came home took a shower and my cutie pa-tootie boyfriend Michael came over for coffee. We both realized that we are so busy during our days that we rarely get to see each other in the day light, which sounds so silly but it is true. This week he is on "stay-cation." That means he has mornings, afternoons and evenings free for the most part. My week is still just as busy but my classes were cancelled for the day so it was the perfect day to have my boo over for a coffee date. It is so wonderful to date someone you have been friends with for years. The ease of communication, and the ability to be honest and real with that person is like nothing I have experienced before. So blessed by a man that can listen and provide advice that I know is supportive and biblically based.
As of late I have been trying to win him over through his stomach. It has been a challenge of mine to bake at least one thing every week. A new recipe. I am working hard on my baking/ cooking skills. The first week I made homemade cinnamon rolls. The second week was Pumpkin cookies. Today I made pumpkin muffins but these were from a box from Trader Joes. I highly recommend you go out TODAY and get this mix. It is so easy, you just add water, oil and eggs and they bake for 18 minutes. Michael and I were talking today about how baking is such a wonderful way to bless people. I'm pretty sure everyone appreciates home baked goods. What a wonderful way to invite people into your most personal space (your home) and just pour out love on your neighbors or whoever.
It has been such a relaxing fun morning, and I am off to work in just a little while, and then time for some good old fashioned line dancing this evening with one of my most favorite married ladies... Mrs. Adriana Derrah. Please let me know if you need any good recipes, especially for the fall!

 (Pumpkin Cookies half with cream cheese frosting, half without)

(Pumpkin Muffins)

Michael told me today that he is going to start calling me Betty Crocker, so hence the inspiration for this blog. Enjoy the beauty God created today, and go share a muffin with a neighbor!

Love and Betty Crocker


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