Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY- Gifts for Whatever Occasion

This week I had a baby shower to go to. I was helping celebrate the birth of Jack Smith, who is Mason's son! I was on my way to Target (standard) to pick up a gift and came across the $1.00 corner that they have set up in the entryway to suck people in LIKE ME! They have found their target marker... Katie Moon. Anways, they do have some great finds in there though. I like to find my gift wrap and packaging in this area. I found these cute plastic containers for $1.00 and then I go from there with my gift idea. Since I was on my way to a baby shower, I started thinking of all things baby to put in this little container along with a gift card. So I found a package of 2 binkies that were the perfect size to put in the container. I added some Hershey kisses at the bottom to add weight and put the gift card right in the middle. This assembly project is great for any occasion, you just have to get creative. They would be great for Christmas gifts, just add peppermint dove chocolates, or Hershey kisses and put an ornament inside with a gift card. Do whatever you like, just have fun with it! Assembling the gifts yourself makes it alot more fun to give! 
I even ended up buying another container to fill with candy for the boyfriend, and a little love note for the the cherry on top. I delivered it to his office. The funny thing about me and Michael is that our love languages are completely different. (Don't know what I'm talking about, figure out your love language here) Michael is a words person. He is poetic and great at communicating his thoughts/feelings. He also is a quality time person, who loves just spending time with me or his family/friends. I on the otherhand have found out, that I am much more of an acts of service or gifts person. I love more than anything to find little notes on my car that he has left me, or love receiving flowers. So I brought this little treat by his office, but I think he was more excited just to see me. haha. We balance each other out. 
Hope this DIY gifty is helpful as the holidays get closer. Can't wait!!! 

Love and Nifty Gifty's


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