Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Get to be the One...

While I was running yesterday I was listening to the JJ Heller Pandora station when a song called "I get to be the one" came on. I suspect it was a song written from the perspective of a mother, but listening to the lyrics I realized that the song applied to me as a new aunt as well. The song brought an instant smile to my face and tears to my eyes when I thought about my nephew Malachi. I thought about the honor I have of getting to see this baby boy grow up. I get to be the one who watches him crawl and walk. I get to be the one who learns what makes him happy and I get to be the one who encourages him when he's sad. I get to be the one who watches him express his athletic talent, and I get to be the one who watches the girls chase after him. I can't even describe to you how much I love him, and how full my heart is when I am around him, the emptiness I feel when I can't see him. I long for him like a hunger. My heart is already so attached, and I'm only his aunt. I can only imagine the feelings of my sister-in-law and brother. They are such amazing parents and it has been so fun watching them grow into this new season. I have also realized that is is wonderful being an aunt and not a mama quite yet because I am not ready. It is such a massive responsibility and it is great seeing that from my perspective as an aunt. When the time comes down the road I will be overjoyed to be a mother, for I know that is my calling in this life. For now I long for my time with my nephew and beam when I am around him. My heart is so full because of you little nephew of mine. You are perfect, and precious in every way. I could kiss your little round cheeks forever (but I won't because eventually you will be grown, and that would be weirrrrrrd). I love you to the Moon and Back little boy. 

From the Overflow of my Heart,
-Auntie Kate

(Have a listen to this song, it really is very sweet)


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