Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Always Do

You guys I always do this! I go three months with acceptance of my hair, and then I start getting antsy. I am currently in the process of growing my hair out, and so I trim it every two months or so and it is the healthiest it has been in a loooong time. But today I am here to say I am so bored with the color. So many of my friends are dying their hair, cutting their hair, making it ombre', going dark. But I am so undecided. I look at old photos of me with blonde hair and I long for those days. I see pictures of my friends who went dark and I am so close to driving to Freddies to pick up a box of dye. My latest trend has been with ombre' hair. I have pretty short hair but I have seen some cute ombre' styles on short hair, but ultimately I am so undecided. Here are some pictures I have been looking through...

I am curious if the blonde would be just subtle enough, and wouldn't wash me out. I am afraid that the dark hair would wash me out in the winter time with my more pale skin. Hmmmm... suggestions needed and wanted!
Love and Upgrades

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