Thursday, December 13, 2012

Junior Year

My Junior year was my favorite year in college BY FAR. I had just gotten home from Summer Staff, and I now had a ton of new friends who lived in Corvallis and were Jesus followers. This was the year that I started leading high school Young Life in Corvallis, and met phenomenal girls who I had the privilege to take to camp. This was the year that I moved into the 447 house. My favorite house. The house I will always remember and probably force my children to see one day. This was a house where we had family dinners, bon fires in the backyard, and PROM! This was the year that I got into line dancing, and met Shauna through Young Life. I look back on this year, this time and just remember the blessings. It was a year of growth and reliance on the Lord. I will look back on very fond memories of this year. Friends and fellowship. 

(Summer Staff with my best friend- Incredible. Even though Danielle would rather meet new people, and I'm better at sticking with who and what I know...)

(Summer Staff Reunion- Friends for a lifetime)

("Going Beavs" with AD)

(Can't forget about Bubba Reggie)

(We go big for dress ups)

(Shauna's 80's party!)

(New Years Eve/ My 21st birthday with these lovelies)

(Baseball games for days with this beauty)

(We had a Spring Time pseudo Prom in our 447 Corvallis house, we dressed up, went out to dinner and came back for dancing and photos. Adriana and I made the back drop and rented a nice camera from school and had so much fun. One of my nest memories from school)

(Sorry Adriana, I had to find one with all of us in it... you're still smokin' even when you blink)
(Josh Turner Concert)

(Line Dancing... Classic)

(Young Life Camp with my girlies)

Love and Fond Memories

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