Friday, December 28, 2012

My Day After Christmas

 My little schnookum bear and I

 Malachi liked Luke!

Pedis with my fam

Christmas was so nice this year. As it is every year. Our traditions are so fun, but part of me looks forward to the time when I have a family of my own someday and we create our own traditions. My family is so busy the morning of Christmas. We all take turns watching each other open presents, and then once the presents are all unwrapped we make a nice brunch. This year a new tradition was started with breakfast. Instead of sticking the store bought cinnamon rolls in the oven, I was asked to make them. It's one of my specialties... and by one of them I mean my only specialty. My cinnamon rolls are nice with the maple espresso frosting I drizzle over the top of them (always makes me think of Cathy when I make them). A favorite of the family. After the brunch we went to my Aunt Annie's house for a nice dinner and time with my cousins and Grandpa. We came back to the house to open stocking stuffers and watch "White Christmas." I even got a visit from a special someone that made my Christmas that much more special. I think next year Christmas will be all about Malachi though, he's going to be such a big boy next Christmas!

Christmas was such a great day but the day after Christmas was such a fun day. One of the most fun days I've had in awhile. I woke up, enjoyed some coffee, did some cleaning and organizing and then met my friend Mel for a little New Year's Eve shopping. While at Nordstrom (where I found my dress) I ran into this really cute guy wearing a brand new pair of Christmas Chuck Taylors. After the perfect dress was found, I went to meet my friend Shauna to see "Les Miserables." AMAZING! I will tell you about my review later this week (Because I know you are all dying to know what I think...) After the movie I went to sleep knowing that I would be waking up to get a pedicure in the morning with my mom, aunt and cousin. What a great day! A day of no worries.

My Favorite Gifts:

* Michael bought me a dress from Nordstrom that I really wanted- However I did not tell him to get it for me. He went back to Nordstrom all on his own to buy it. SO sweet.

*Shopping money (classic)

*Curling iron/ Hair dryer

*Leather Jacket

*Baking Box- pie pan, spatula

*Date Night Out Gift Cards


Love and Tis the Season


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