Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Time at Portland State University

My time at Portland State was a time of great growth for me. I learned so much about myself and my abilities. I started trusting myself more, and I poured myself into studying and reading. I grew in excitement at the idea of getting a "big girl" job and so I worked even harder as the terms continued. I made new friends, and was taught so much through the relationships I have grown. I owe any success I have achieved to God for showing me grace, and taking provision over my life. My years in college started out a little rocky, and there were multiple times I thought I was going to give up. However, I had made up my mind to graduate, and graduate I did. Thank you to my friends and family for praying for me/ with me, and for your constant encouragement. 

(23rd birthday/ New Years Eve)

(On our way to the Ernst Wedding)

(Michael and I)
Thank you for your support in my final term. You believed in me and never failed to express your excitement for me in finishing school. 

(My girls)

(August Graduation Ceremony)

(Summer's baby shower, we were so ready to meet Malachi)

(My joy: My nephew)

(Hood River)

(Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour- Back Stage Passes with Adriana)

(Katie's Bridal Shower at my house)

(Lindz and I after the Wedding)

(Kathleen and I as bridesmaids for Katie and Tim's Wedding)

(Katie Westfall became Katie Campbell)

(Competed in my first Half Marathon in Seattle)

(Haunted Corn Maze)

(Ohio Family visited Portland)

(Family Love during Christmas)

(Shan: Aint she pretty??)

(Derrah Wedding)

(Moon Family 2012)



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