Saturday, December 15, 2012

Senior Year

My senior year I was working on staff with Young Life for high school in Corvallis. I spent a good amount of time in Corvallis High, trying to get teenagers to think I was cool enough to hang out with. The problem was... I wasn't cool. At least not to their standards anyways. I didn't support drinking, I didn't support partying, I didn't support skipping school, or missing curfew, but I also understood why they wanted these things because I had been there. I had done these exact things when I was in high school. It made me relateable I guess you could say. I could come to these kids with the same brokenness they were experiencing and I could tell them of the healing that this guy Jesus provides. I think this was one of those classic times where the kids showed me and taught me more than I felt I was teaching them. I learned that to gain the trust of these teenagers, I had to be consistent in their lives as they did not have the same consistency in their own homes. It was a tough year, and at times I did feel drained. But aside from Young Life, this was the year my brother got married, and the year I decided that transferring to Portland State was what was in my best interest. I knew saying goodbye to Corvallis would be sad. My house, the friendships, my roommates, my ministry would be memories. I would have to build my life again but in Portland. Portland meant family though, so I knew I would make it through.

(Bon fire with friends)

(Concert with Ev)

(Enter Summer into the family)

(Halloween with my roommates, dressed up as a different roommate... I was Shannon (see tattoo) do I pull it off? Probs not as well as her)

(Shauna's Graduation)

(Liiiiiine Dancin' at Eagles... "I like my men, like I like my coffee...")

(Work week at the Ranch)

(handsome brudder bear on the day of his Wedding)

(Beautiful Soon to be Seester and her bridesmaid)

(Bachelorette Party)

(Easter with family)

Love and New Beginnings


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