Monday, December 10, 2012

Sophomore Year

My sophomore year of college Adriana and I got an apartment together along with a friend of her's from Pacific University. I was excited to be living out of the dorms, and our apartment was really cute. Adriana and I weren't all that close at the time, but she was a patient friend, and a good reminder of Christ in my life at the time. This was a year that I chose other things over God. This was a year that I made poor choices, but I also found that no matter how far I tried to run from my Father in Heaven, I could never get out of arms way. This was also the year that my anxiety attacks were the strongest and most frequent in my life, but they were something I struggled with alone. I told no one. No one understood them, but Jesus. I think these panic attacks were actually reminders that I needed Christ more than I tried to admit. Danielle finally got me to sign up for Summer Staff out at Washington Family Ranch for the summer. This is when I decided it was time to turn to Jesus rather than run from him. Adriana and I started hanging out outside our apartment, and our friendship grew quickly as we laughed together and confided in one another. I worked for the OSU baseball team in the Spring and watched alot of baseball with Jessica. My sophomore year was a tough year, lots of lessons learned, but God was never more present in my life, and taught me that I needed to trust him above all else. He wasn't going to give up on me no matter how much I pushed him away. Enjoy the photos! 

(Like a boss, moving my stuff to our new apartment in Corvallis)

(Tired dad and daughter from all of that moving)

(Katie Rice and I in the Beaver Spirit)

(Adriana's 21er at the Blazer Game)

(Moon Family Hood River Trip)

(Spring time in the Corv with two of my best friends)

(I worked for the Beavers Baseball team with Kelly)

(I worked with Stephanie at Big Town Hero in Corvallis, and she was going to Prom and wanted to take pictures with me. Love her like a little sister!)

(Headed to George Fox with Jess to watch her boyfriend at the time play baseball against GFU)

Love and Trust



  1. This is very inspiring Katie. To hear you strive to strengthen your walk with Christ motivates me to as well.