Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashionista Friday Part II

First, my apologies for not writing this week at all. I wanted to update you all on my weekend spent in Redmond with Michael, but I left my laptop at my family's house!! So here I sit and type on my dad's studio computer, but I am lacking the same motivation and creativity I usually have. Can I confess something to you? I got an e-mail yesterday that really took the wind out of my sails. I applied for a job that I wanted very  badly and just received word that they are going to hire more "qualified applicants." I read the e-mail last night after an amazing night with my best friend Adriana kicking our boots up at Bushwhackers. As I was crawling into bed I checked my e-mail with eager anticpation when I saw who it was from, only to be so let down.
I know this is one of the moments where you have to choose faith, hope and joy, and trust that the Lord knew what he was doing when that e-mail was being crafted. God has a better job for me somewhere, and I want to take faith in that, but it's not easy.

(Black Sweater, belt- Forever 21; Brown Tank Top Dress- H&M; Black Tights; Brown Boots- Cathy Jean)
I apologize for how blurry the picture is. I am trying to work on my "selfies." I think it might be time to get my assistant Michael on the job of taking these pictures for me. Hey, what are boyfriends for right?!
Love and Keeping my Chin Up

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashionista Friday

(Shirt-H&M; Vest-Charlotte Russe; Leggings- Old Navy; Black Boots- Burlington Coat Factory)

Back in 2010 when I decided to start my blog I wasn't 100% certain about what I would write about. I knew I had alot of thoughts and that I liked putting my thoughts to paper, so I thought I might try an electronic version. Pretty soon I "found my voice" as the saying goes. I knew my blog would never be fancy, all that creative or even that interesting to others. But I did know it was something I enjoyed and it was a creative outlet for my running thoughts. Lately I have been toying with the idea of "Fashion Friday." I know consistency on blogs is a good thing for your readers, and I thought the idea sounded fun. I do not consider myself a "fashionista" as so many of my friends who blog are, but I thought I might try it on for size and see how it inspires me! So here is one of my first Fashion Friday posts. Hope it inspires you!

Love and Trying New Things


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dates with Dad


Yesterday morning I got a text message from my dad asking me if I wanted to join him for coffee. I instantly was so excited, and shot right out of bed. Dad dates are so different than boyfriend dates, and exciting in a completely different way as well. But the root of dates with dad and boyfriend are the same, and at the root we find the pursuit. My dad wanted to have coffee with me because he had sensed that in the last couple of days I had been acting funny around the house and he wanted to find out why. My dad cares enough about me to find out what is going on in my heart and in my mind. I am so blessed by a dad who wants to know that about me. He wants to know about boyfriend, and what is going on in our relationship and he wants to support me.

My date with my dad got me thinking about my dates with my other father. I challenged myself in this new year to read through the Bible in one year. I have yet to do that, and it is HIGH time I do so.  So in the mornings when I make my coffee, before I do anything else I sit and have a date with God. I curl up in a blanket, hold my warm cup of coffee and read through scripture with him. It is my time to pursue God, to pursue his heart and to get to know this God that I choose to serve. Just like how Michael is pursuing my heart, and he spends time with me to find out why I laugh at certain things, and why I get upset about other things. This is a picture of how God goes after my heart, and how I should be going after his. How can I serve a God without having read his stories and without knowing his Word? Just like how can Michael reach a point of wanting to marry me unless he has invested time in getting to know who I am? My time with Jesus in the morning is so precious, and I am learning daily how blessed I feel after submitting that time to Him. There are mornings when I feel busy, too busy to read the Word, but when I take the time to do so the Lord blesses my day. I feel empowered by the Holy Spirit when I am taking the time to pursue my God's heart. I hope that you are finding this out too as you set time aside to learn God's heart for his people and for his beloveds.

Love and Pursuit


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I think that it is important to live in the moment. I think that when we get caught up focusing too much on the future we lose out on moments. Sometimes those moments are small (like a fun evening with your boyfriend), sometimes much bigger (like your baby growing up right before your eyes). It is easy however to wish time away when we feel the next stage in life will be... much more exciting... much easier... much.... you fill in the blank. I am not saying that it's bad to plan. Please do plan for the future.  Save money for a future wedding, car, house. But make sure not to assume that life gets better because of X. I want to live in the moment now. I want to treat today like its the best day, even though we all know that isn't easy. But I want to be living for something so much more than my own happiness too. I want to live for others.

This coming weekend Michael and I are going to visit some family of mine in Redmond, OR. Our plan is to stop in Sisters and sip on coffee, and then finish the drive to my family's home where they sit on many acres and we can enjoy God's beauty together. Watch the horses run, stare at the mountains and feel inspired together. I love going somewhere different to experience the beauty God created for us because he LOVES us so much. Perspective. Life is all about perspective. Michael and I are going to central Oregon for perspective, and so we can hold hands while we sit on the back deck and rock in rocking chairs like we're an old married couple...awwww. Someday.

But that will be this weekend. Today is Tuesday. So I am going to focus on Tuesday and all that needs to be accomplished today. Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start as mine is.

Love and Perspective


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hi 2013

Part of welcoming the New Year, is saying goodbye to the previous one. Looking back on the blessings and the hard times that year held. Looking at the ways God changed our hearts and our minds, and looking eagerly to the future of what God will teach us in the New Year. John Mark (the Pastor of the church I attend- Solid Rock) said something on Sunday that really convicted me. He said that (and I'm paraphrasing) it is difficult to know the heart of God when we have only read excerpts from his book. "His" being God... not John Mark. Basically saying that in order to know who God is we need to read the Bible cover to cover. It was already a goal of mine for this year to read the Bible all the way through. Here is a chart you can follow from Solid Rocks's website to read through the Bible in one year. Another goal of mine is to be more outwardly thankful for not only the blessings in my life but for the hard times too. Looking back on 2012 and the hard times (school, relational aspects with Michael and friends, Job hardships) it all led to good lessons learned and makes me a more thankful person in the year 2013. The Lord takes us to the mountain tops to experience his goodness and his faithfulness, but you know what? It is in the valleys where the fruit is grown, not on the mountain tops where it is impossible for fruit to develop. The valleys are never very fun, but so much growth is done that it is necessary. We need to be thankful for those times too. I read in my devotional book this morning "Jesus Calling" and it spoke on this exact topic saying, "When adversity strikes and you thank me anyway, your trust in My sovereignty is a show-piece in invisible realms." 

I pray that in the New Year my friends we together take an outlook of thankfulness for the good and the bad times. Let us be people who Praise our Father during the storms (as cliche' as that may be). 

Blessings in this New Year


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Year Older... Hopefully Wiser

Well friends, I decided to do it. I decided to turn 24 years old. I'm not super happy about it, but it just sorta happened. While you were all ringing in the New Year I was thinking about what's next in the year 2013 and also my 24th year on the earth. I think it's easy to compare your life to your parents and what they accomplished at your age. For my mom it was Marriage and the birth of her first son. She was a busy 24 year old. Not sure what my year ahead holds, but I know that I am in safe hands trusting my Jesus to take me through the year. A job perhaps (please oh please)?!? A new home? Roommates? Continuing to date Michael because I think he's cute. A DOG?!?!?!?! nawww, I could never replace Reggie. Watching my nephew grow, train for another half marathon? Learn more about who I am in Jesus' eyes. I wish you all a blessed year in 2013, may you find your peace and your fulfillment in the One who created you and who loves you. 

(Shauna Pants came shopping with me and mama on my birfday)


(Spoiled girl with my presents)

(Bieber demanded a birthday kiss... he wasn't as good as MB)

(My favorite birthday present of all)

(My sister had the cutest birthday decorations set up for dinner... love her)

(Mel and I at Michael's party)

 (This is my friend Georgia.. shes HOTT)

 (D and I.. wouldn't be a birthday without her)

(My boo and I right before our New Years Kiss)

Love and New Beginnings