Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dates with Dad


Yesterday morning I got a text message from my dad asking me if I wanted to join him for coffee. I instantly was so excited, and shot right out of bed. Dad dates are so different than boyfriend dates, and exciting in a completely different way as well. But the root of dates with dad and boyfriend are the same, and at the root we find the pursuit. My dad wanted to have coffee with me because he had sensed that in the last couple of days I had been acting funny around the house and he wanted to find out why. My dad cares enough about me to find out what is going on in my heart and in my mind. I am so blessed by a dad who wants to know that about me. He wants to know about boyfriend, and what is going on in our relationship and he wants to support me.

My date with my dad got me thinking about my dates with my other father. I challenged myself in this new year to read through the Bible in one year. I have yet to do that, and it is HIGH time I do so.  So in the mornings when I make my coffee, before I do anything else I sit and have a date with God. I curl up in a blanket, hold my warm cup of coffee and read through scripture with him. It is my time to pursue God, to pursue his heart and to get to know this God that I choose to serve. Just like how Michael is pursuing my heart, and he spends time with me to find out why I laugh at certain things, and why I get upset about other things. This is a picture of how God goes after my heart, and how I should be going after his. How can I serve a God without having read his stories and without knowing his Word? Just like how can Michael reach a point of wanting to marry me unless he has invested time in getting to know who I am? My time with Jesus in the morning is so precious, and I am learning daily how blessed I feel after submitting that time to Him. There are mornings when I feel busy, too busy to read the Word, but when I take the time to do so the Lord blesses my day. I feel empowered by the Holy Spirit when I am taking the time to pursue my God's heart. I hope that you are finding this out too as you set time aside to learn God's heart for his people and for his beloveds.

Love and Pursuit


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