Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I think that it is important to live in the moment. I think that when we get caught up focusing too much on the future we lose out on moments. Sometimes those moments are small (like a fun evening with your boyfriend), sometimes much bigger (like your baby growing up right before your eyes). It is easy however to wish time away when we feel the next stage in life will be... much more exciting... much easier... much.... you fill in the blank. I am not saying that it's bad to plan. Please do plan for the future.  Save money for a future wedding, car, house. But make sure not to assume that life gets better because of X. I want to live in the moment now. I want to treat today like its the best day, even though we all know that isn't easy. But I want to be living for something so much more than my own happiness too. I want to live for others.

This coming weekend Michael and I are going to visit some family of mine in Redmond, OR. Our plan is to stop in Sisters and sip on coffee, and then finish the drive to my family's home where they sit on many acres and we can enjoy God's beauty together. Watch the horses run, stare at the mountains and feel inspired together. I love going somewhere different to experience the beauty God created for us because he LOVES us so much. Perspective. Life is all about perspective. Michael and I are going to central Oregon for perspective, and so we can hold hands while we sit on the back deck and rock in rocking chairs like we're an old married couple...awwww. Someday.

But that will be this weekend. Today is Tuesday. So I am going to focus on Tuesday and all that needs to be accomplished today. Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start as mine is.

Love and Perspective


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