Monday, February 25, 2013

As of Late...

...I have been desperate for inspiration. I think the sun is a natural inspiration, and like I wrote about last week the sun has not been out to play a whole lot lately. But nothing beats the feeling of true, pure unadulterated inspiration. It can be as simple as a great hair day for me. It can be a worthy headline of "Recent Grad Turn Business Woman Overnight."  It can be a great outfit ensemble, or a reminder that I am talented and worthy of a great job. Sometimes it's a romantic moment with my boyfriend. Sometimes it is an intellectually stimulating conversation with a friend. Sometimes it's when I do Zumba at the gym, or line dance my best friends by my side. Often it is a beautiful scene in nature or crafting something. But sometimes you feel uninspired, or a little life-less at times. I even wish you could see the picture I am about to paint for you, only I wouldn't dare subject myself to the humiliation of actually allowing you the view. Regardless... here I sit at 12:00 in the afternoon, after spending my morning watching The Oscars on demand because I missed it last night when I went to see "Night Beds" with my boo boo bear. I am sitting at my kitchen table (oh wait, I mean my parents kitchen table) in my OSU football sweatpants, tank top and slippers as I sit to apply for jobs. What a picture. Someone should do a reality series on my life. I can't guarantee it's success, however I can guarantee that many people my age are in this exact boat. We wake up in the morning, and we search desperately for the motivation and the inspiration to sit at our computers and send out resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter. With every sent button touched, we hope and we pray that our story and our skill level comes to life somehow on that paper. My Job: To view this time as exciting. Difficulty Level: High. Not knowing where I will be working, what I will be doing, where I will be living. The unknowns are apart of your 20's I guess. I get that. And at times I do a great job of going along with the excitement. I want a job to inspire me. I want to do work that I am proud of. I want to love the weekends, but not mind Monday mornings. So here I sit. A walk sounds nice right about now. Probably a prayer walk. I'm going to go find a dog and take it for a walk.

Love and Resumes


Monday, February 18, 2013

In Desperate Need of...


Please oh please can spring come YESTERDAY!? Friday was such an unbelievably tantalizing day. It was as if spring time was flirting with us. It came like the lady of the night and was gone. Just like that. The cherry on top was that I had to work all day Friday, 10-7. I did sit outside on my lunch and tried to soak in all the Vitamin D I could. But still, I need MORE! I always get this way in February/March. I start having an affair with California. I day dream about leaving Portland for San Diego or L.A. I forget about all the good times I've had with Portland, and I forget that the sun does eventually come out in July. I get so antsy. I start considering the realistic possibilities of moving in with a friend in California and starting a new life there, but then I, Katie, come back to earth and realize how great Portland is. I start remembering how much I LOVE the 4th of July in Portland and how beautiful the city is in the summer. This is me, Katie, venting about my near depression state from lack of Vitamin D. I'm calling you out Portland. Get your act together. Oh and please be sunny soon!?

(Me on Friday when there actually was sun on my face...)

All my Love,

-Kate (the Vitamin D deprived 24 year old living in Portland, searching for a job and trying to move into her own apartment girl)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday + Valentines Day

What a special Valentines Day it was. I woke up to presents from mom and dad, and then had the whole afternoon off to run errands, go to the gym and get ready for date night. Michael picked me up around 4 to take me to the mall as a surprise. He let me pick out an outfit to wear for the evening. So sweet. After that I went home finished getting ready and we headed out to dinner. After dinner we went and saw "Safe Haven." So classic/cliche' whatever, it was a good movie. All you love birds out there should go see it! Enjoy the pictures!

(Classic Michael)

 (Presents from Mom and Dad)

 (Because Hand Made Cards are Much More Fun)

 (My giftys to Michael)

 (Shirt and necklace- Forever 21; Jeans- Nordstrom Rack; Heels- Random shoe store at Pioneer)

Love and Special Dates


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

Grandpa (Michael) will be here soon to pick me up for a Valentines Surprise! I have no idea what is about to happen, but I'm excited! I assembled his nifty gifty, and I will post photos for you tomorrow of all the details of today. Happy Valentines Day all you star-crossed lovers. For those without a Valentine, grab a friend and go see "Safe Haven." I read the book, it was GREAT and... Nicholas Sparks books turned movies are a huge guilty pleasure of mine. 

Love and Valentines


Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday

This one is related to my up and coming professional world.  

Love and Job Interviews


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keepin' Up

Sorry for the lack of updates my friends, I have been laptop-less. But I'm back, and I want to fill you in! My life as of late...

-sleeping in
-watching the Bachelor
- working part-time at Nike
- going to the gym, trying to get ready for the Shamrock Run
- spending time with friends and Michael

I knew this day would come. Everyone told me about it. After college (which I never thought that day would come) you will have to network and apply for jobs all over the place. You apply for 200 jobs, you maybe hear back from 2. I have an interview today with the American Diabetes Association. I just think in general interviews are beneficial to you because they make for great practice. The more you do them, the better you get. So please be keeping me in your prayers that the Lord will place me in a great job. Thank you friends.

And finally, mine and Michael's trip to central Oregon to visit my family. Here are the picture, enjoy!


Love and Daily Grind