Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday + Valentines Day

What a special Valentines Day it was. I woke up to presents from mom and dad, and then had the whole afternoon off to run errands, go to the gym and get ready for date night. Michael picked me up around 4 to take me to the mall as a surprise. He let me pick out an outfit to wear for the evening. So sweet. After that I went home finished getting ready and we headed out to dinner. After dinner we went and saw "Safe Haven." So classic/cliche' whatever, it was a good movie. All you love birds out there should go see it! Enjoy the pictures!

(Classic Michael)

 (Presents from Mom and Dad)

 (Because Hand Made Cards are Much More Fun)

 (My giftys to Michael)

 (Shirt and necklace- Forever 21; Jeans- Nordstrom Rack; Heels- Random shoe store at Pioneer)

Love and Special Dates


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