Monday, February 18, 2013

In Desperate Need of...


Please oh please can spring come YESTERDAY!? Friday was such an unbelievably tantalizing day. It was as if spring time was flirting with us. It came like the lady of the night and was gone. Just like that. The cherry on top was that I had to work all day Friday, 10-7. I did sit outside on my lunch and tried to soak in all the Vitamin D I could. But still, I need MORE! I always get this way in February/March. I start having an affair with California. I day dream about leaving Portland for San Diego or L.A. I forget about all the good times I've had with Portland, and I forget that the sun does eventually come out in July. I get so antsy. I start considering the realistic possibilities of moving in with a friend in California and starting a new life there, but then I, Katie, come back to earth and realize how great Portland is. I start remembering how much I LOVE the 4th of July in Portland and how beautiful the city is in the summer. This is me, Katie, venting about my near depression state from lack of Vitamin D. I'm calling you out Portland. Get your act together. Oh and please be sunny soon!?

(Me on Friday when there actually was sun on my face...)

All my Love,

-Kate (the Vitamin D deprived 24 year old living in Portland, searching for a job and trying to move into her own apartment girl)

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