Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm Going to Hawaii Folks!

23 days and counting...

I pulled the trigger. I bought my ticket. It was such an impulsive moment. I called Shannon (my college roommate) asked her if she was ready to "do this thing," and she said yes. So I did. April 3-10. 6 glorious days will be spent laying on the beach, swimming in the aqua Pacific, running on the beach, sitting on our lanai sipping coffee, reading my bible, going out for dinner, getting my tan on, hanging with Shan talking about girly stuff, life stuff, job stuff, boy stuff, we will go shopping, maybe enjoy an adult beverage or two, see my friend Cha that I haven't seen since sophomore year at OSU, read a book, anxiously fly in the air, and also lay in the sand... A LOT.

I plan on wearing this on the plane to Hawaii:

I plan on wearing this for my morning workout:

I plan on wearing this ALL dayyyyy:

I will be wearing this in the evening:

More Hawaii posts to come. I promise.

Love and Count Downs!!!



  1. I am so jealous (in a good way!!!!). You are going to have so much fun! Man that place is beautiful...

  2. I can't wait Anna!! I will be taking many many pictures!