Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hawaii Via Photos Part III

These pictures are from the last 2 nights in Waikiki. Its officially been 2 weeks of being back in Portland and I am already looking over my budget to see if I can squeeze in another Hawaii trip within 1 year. I miss it so much already. Hope you have enjoyed the vacation pictures, and happy Wednesday!

(Last night on the beach waiting for our table at Dukes)

(Already missing this tan...)

(Of course we had to call our BFF Adriana, next time the 3 of us will vaca together!)

(New ring purchases) 

(Worth the wait: Fish tacos were bomb)

(Found this beautiful store... Heaven)

Well its no secret that I already miss Hawaii. It was such a great time to relax, swim, hike, eat good food, hang with Shan and just be away from chaos. Can't wait to go back there someday. Vacations are so worth the money, what beautiful memories Shannon and I now have. And HUGE thanks to my grandpa for paying for my flight and hotel. I could not have gone without his gift to me! 

Love and Hawaiin Memories


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hawaii via Photos Part II

(Was so excited that Cha could come visit on the beach with her babes! Cha and I lived next door to each other in the dorms and became really fast friends. Cha now lives on Oahu with her boyfriend and two precious baby boys who I'm thrilled I got to meet! She is slightly tanner than me...)

(Baby Shaydon)

(Mama bear, such a natural!)


(I would kill for one more sunset. So stinkin' romantic Shannon and I both wanted to gag haha)

(Goin' out for dinner)

(Tired girls waking up early for our Koko Head hike with Cha)

(Going Up)

 (Going Down)

 (Hawaii Wildlife ... always aid in an aussie accent obviously)

(Documenting Day 4 of our tanning)


(Did a little Shopping)

Hiking Koko Head was probably my favorite part of the trip. It was such a cool hike, and something I could never do in Oregon. One more blog left of Hawaii photos. Hope you are enjoying them!

Love and Hawaii